Code of Conduct

Here is the complete code of conduct for our Facebook users.

SUTEKH is not affiliated with nor does it actively support/ condemn any political movements. We encourage open and respectful discussion among our members and in order to facilitate it, we advise you to follow our online conduct policy.

Online conduct will be monitored based on a warning system. One violation of the policy will result in a warning. If the member persists violating the policy, the member will be blocked from the page for a week. If the behaviour persists again, the member will be blocked permanently. The exceptions to this rule, where automatic blocking is permitted, are outlined below.

The exec have the discretion to warn or subsequently block members in violation of the following rules:
– disrespectful/ deliberately inflammatory comments on a thread where a heated discussion is taking place

– personal insults or comments that can be interpreted as such
– discrimination or shaming against another member based on:
-circumstances of their birth
-any other aspects of their body or mind
-aspects of their personal life which do not harm people or otherwise violate this policy
-political or religious affiliations
-assumptions derived from any of the above.
(including but not limited to sexual orientation, gender identity, race, difference of abilities, religion and political leaning)

The exec will automatically block users who do the following:
– reveal personal information about a third party without their consent
– make threats of harm to any person/persons
– post blatant pornographic material to the page

Please also note that we discourage posting links to pirated material. You are free to do it, but it has the potential to inconvenience both you and the group.

If you think you have been transgressed in any way, please contact any member of the SUTEKH exec. The Queer Officer, Emily Burgess, and Women’s Officer,┬áSabrina Norris, are always available to talk to if you have any issues.