Title Author Surname Author First Name Secondary Authors Other Notes
Dark Sun World: The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King [Chronicles of Athas 5] Abbey Lynn    
The Twilight of the Vilp Ableman Paul    
Perry Rhodan 6: The Secret of the Time Vault Ackerman Forrest J    
Perry Rhodan 7: Fortress of the Six Moons Ackerman Forrest J Wollheim, Donald A  
Perry Rhodon 3: Galactic Alarm Ackerman Wendayne    
Perry Rhodan 1: Enterprise Stardust Ackerman Wendayne    
Perry Rhodan 2: The Radiant Dome Ackerman Wendayne    
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; The Restaurant at the End of the Universe; Life, The Universe and Everything; So Long and Thanks for All the Fish Adams Douglas   Collection
The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Original Radio Scripts Adams Douglas   Radio play
The Restaurant At The End of the Universe Adams Douglas    
Life, the Universe and Everything Adams Douglas    
So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish Adams Douglas    
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Adams Douglas    
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Adams Douglas    
Last Chance to See Adams Douglas Carwardine, Mark  
Shardik Adams Richard    
Cold Hand in Mine Aickman Robert    
Galactic Empires 2 Aldiss Brian    
Space Odysseys Aldiss Brian    
Report on Probability A Aldiss Brian    
Earthworks Aldiss Brian    
Hothouse Aldiss Brian    
Last Orders Aldiss Brian    
Barefoot in the Head Aldiss Brian    
Comic Inferno Aldiss Brian    
The Canopy of Time Aldiss Brian    
Frankenstein Unbound Aldiss Brian    
Helliconia Spring Aldiss Brian    
The Saliva Tree Aldiss Brian    
New Arrivals, Old Encounters Aldiss Brian    
Non-Stop Aldiss Brian    
An Age Aldiss Brian    
Equator Aldiss Brian    
The Book of Brian Aldiss Aldiss Brian    
The Eighty-Minute Hour Aldiss Brian    
The Shape of Further Things Aldiss Brian    
Space Opera Aldiss Brian    
Hothouse Aldiss Brian    
Trillion Year Spree – A History of Science Fiction Aldiss Brian Wingrove, David Non-fiction
Hell’s Cartographers – Some Personal Histories of Science Fiction Writers Aldiss Brian Harrison, Harry Reference
Time Bandits Alverson Charles    
New Maps of Hell Amis Kingsley    
Spectrum 2 Amis Kingsley Conquest, Robert Anthology
Spectrum 3 Amis Kingsley Conquest, Robert Anthology
Spectrum 4 Amis Kingsley Conquest, Robert Anthology
Conan the Rebel Anderson Poul    
The Long Way Home Anderson Poul    
War of the Wing-men Anderson Poul    
The Earth Book of Stormgate Anderson Poul    
Time Patrolmen Anderson Poul    
The Trouble Twisters Anderson Poul    
Time and Stars Anderson Poul    
Virgin Planet Anderson Poul    
Twilight World Anderson Poul    
The Makeshift Rocket Anderson Poul    
Mirkheim Anderson Poul    
Orbit Unlimited Anderson Poul    
A Circus of Hells Anderson Poul    
The People of the Wind Anderson Poul    
Fire Time Anderson Poul    
Ensign Flandry Anderson Poul    
Shield Anderson Poul    
Brain Wave Anderson Poul    
The Enemy Stars Anderson Poul    
Three Hearts and Three Lions Anderson Poul    
Tau Zero Anderson Poul    
The Corridors of Time Anderson Poul    
The Broken Sword Anderson Poul    
The Rebel Worlds Anderson Poul    
We Claim These Stars Anderson Poul    
The High Crusade Anderson Poul    
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows Anderson Poul    
Guardians of Time Anderson Poul    
Planet of No Return Anderson Poul    
Flandry of Terra [Flandry 2] Anderson Poul    
The Broken Sword Anderson Poul    
A Midsummer Tempest Anderson Poul    
The Book of Poul Anderson Anderson Poul    
Nebula Award Stories 4 Anderson Poul   Anthology
Chaos Mode Anthony Piers    
Battle Circle [Collected trilogy] Anthony Piers    
Of Man and Mantra [Collected trilogy] Anthony Piers    
Wielding a Red Sword Anthony Piers    
With a Tangled Skein Anthony Piers    
Night Mare Anthony Piers    
Ox Anthony Piers    
Triple Detente Anthony Piers    
Dragon on a Pedestal Anthony Piers    
Golem in the Gears Anthony Piers    
Viscous Circle Anthony Piers    
Man from Mundania Anthony Piers    
Omnivore Anthony Piers    
And Eternity Anthony Piers    
Bio of a Space Tyrant Volume 2: Mercenary Anthony Piers    
Centaur Isle Anthony Piers    
Orn Anthony Piers    
On a Pale Horse Anthony Piers    
Total Recall Anthony Piers    
Strangers in Paradise Anvil Christopher    
Jay J. Armes: Investigator Armes Jay J Nolan, Frank  
Gulliver of Mars Arnold Edwin L    
Full Spectrum Aronica Lou McCarthey, Shawna Anthology
The Finger and the Moon Ashe Geoffrey    
The Best of British SF 1 Ashley Mike   Anthology
Thirteen Horrors of Halloween Asimov Isaac Waugh, Carol-Lynn and Greenberg, Martin Anthology
Norby’s Other Secret Asimov Isaac Asimov, Janet  
Fantastic Voyage II – Destination Brain Asimov Isaac    
Pirates of the Asteroids Asimov Isaac    
Space Ranger Asimov Isaac    
The Robots of Dawn Asimov Isaac    
The Naked Sun Asimov Isaac    
The Stars Like Dust Asimov Isaac    
The Casebook of the Black Widowers Asimov Isaac    
The Gods Themselves Asimov Isaac    
The Moons of Jupiter Asimov Isaac    
Prelude to Foundation Asimov Isaac    
By Jupiter Asimov Isaac    
The Martian Way Asimov Isaac    
Earth is Good Enough Asimov Isaac    
The Big Sun of Mercury Asimov Isaac    
The Caves of Steel Asimov Isaac    
Foundation Asimov Isaac    
The Stars in Their Courses Asimov Isaac    
Only a Trillion Asimov Isaac    
The End of Eternity Asimov Isaac    
Before the Golden Age Book 3 Asimov Isaac    
The Rest of the Robots Asimov Isaac    
Second Foundation Asimov Isaac    
Foundation’s Edge Asimov Isaac    
The Early Asimov Vol. 2 Asimov Isaac    
The Bicentennial Man Asimov Isaac    
Asimov’s Mysteries Asimov Isaac    
Asimov on Science Fiction Asimov Isaac    
The Early Asimov Vol. 3 Asimov Isaac    
The Currents of Space Asimov Isaac    
Foundation and Empire Asimov Isaac    
Pebble in the Sky Asimov Isaac    
Foundation Asimov Isaac    
The Naked Sun Asimov Isaac    
The Hugo Winners Asimov Isaac   Anthology
Tomorrow’s Children Asimov Isaac   Anthology
Asimov’s Choice: Extraterrestrials and Eclipses Asimov Isaac   Anthology
Where Do We Go From Here? Book 1 Asimov Isaac   Anthology
The Giant Book of Science Fiction Stories Asimov Isaac   Anthology
Where Do We Go From Here? Book 2 Asimov Isaac   Anthology
Asimov’s Mirage Asimov Isaac Tiedemann, Mark W  
Starships Asimov Isaac Greenberg, Martin and Waugh, Charles  
Tin Stars Asimov Isaac Greenberg, Martin and Waugh, Charles Anthology
Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Treasury Asimov Isaac Greenberg, Martin and Olander, Joseph Anthology
A Cold Wind from Orion Asnin Scott    
The Bug Wars Asprin Robert    
The Cold Cash War Asprin Robert    
The Plains of Passage Auel Jean M    
The Shelters of Stone Auel Jean M    
The Rings of Tantalus [Expendables 2] Avery Richard    
The Avatar Trilogy Book 1: Shadowdale [Forgotten Realms] Awlinson Richard    
New Worlds Ten Bailey Hilary   Anthology
The Moon Baby Bailey John    
The China Coin Baillie Allan    
Crashcourse Baird Wilhelmina    
Vermilion Sands Ballard J G    
The Terminal Beach Ballard J G    
The Atrocity Exhibition Ballard J G    
The Disaster Area Ballard J G    
The Day of Forever Ballard J G    
The Drowned World Ballard J G    
The Crystal World Ballard J G    
The Wind from Nowhere Ballard J G    
The Drought Ballard J G    
High Rise Ballard J G    
The Ice People Barjavel Rene    
The Hellbound Heart Barker Clive    
Cabal Barker Clive    
Kelwin Barrett Neal    
The Godwhale Bass T J    
Dragon Death Baudino Gael    
Dragon Sword Baudino Gael    
Duel of Dragons Baudino Gael    
Duel of Dragons Baudino Gael    
The Hermes Fall Baxter John    
The God Killers Baxter John    
Raft Baxter Stephen    
The Grand Wheel Bayley Barrington    
The Dakota Project Beaching Jack    
A Fine and Private Place Beagle Peter S    
The Last Unicorn Beagle Peter S    
The Folk of the Air Beagle Peter S    
The Serpent Mage Bear Greg    
The Infinity Concerto Bear Greg    
Silent Slaughter Beere Peter    
Deeper than the Darkness Benford Greg    
The Other Side of the Mountain Bernanos Michel    
The Venom Seekers Berry Bryan    
The Light Fantastic: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester Bester Alfred    
The Dark Side of the Earth Bester Alfred    
The Stars my Destination Bester Alfred    
The Fury Out of Time Biggle Lloyd    
Monument Biggle Lloyd    
All the Colours of Darkness Biggle Lloyd    
The World Menders Biggle Lloyd    
A Scent of New-Mown Hay Blackburn John    
Terror Australis Blackmore Leigh   Anthology
The Omcri Matrix Blakeney J D    
The Warriors of Day Blish James    
Year 2018! Blish James    
Galactic Cluster Blish James    
Earthman Come Home Blish James    
A Life for the Stars Blish James    
… And All the Stars a Stage Blish James    
Black Easter and The Day After Judgment Blish James   Omnibus
Black Easter or Faust Aleph-Null Blish James    
A Clash of Symbols Blish James    
The Day After Judgment Blish James    
A Torrent of Faces Blish James Knight, Norman L  
The Living Demons Bloch Robert    
Psycho 2 Bloch Robert    
Ladies Day/This Crowded Earth Bloch Robert   Omnibus
The Opener of the Way Bloch Robert    
The Sorcerer’s Ship Bok Hannes    
Zardoz Boorman John Stair, Bill  
The Compleat Werewolf Boucher Anthony    
The Best Fantasy and Science Fiction (fifth edition) Boucher Anthony   Anthology
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction Boucher Anthony   Anthology
Monkey Planet Boulle Pierre    
The Righteous Men Bourne Sam    
Millennium Bova Ben    
Star Watchman Bova Ben    
Colony Bova Ben    
George Lucas’ THX 1138 Bova Ben    
Exiles Bova Ben   Anthology
Aliens Bova Ben   Anthology
Novella: 3 Bova Ben   Anthology
SF Hall of Fame: The Novellas Book 1 Bova Ben   Anthology
Catchworld Boyce Chris    
The Pollinators of Eden Boyd John    
The Last Starship from Earth Boyd John    
The Rakehells of Heaven Boyd John    
The Curse of Slagfid Boyer Elizabeth H    
The Hounds of Skaith Brackett Leigh    
The Big Jump Brackett Leigh    
Dinosaur Tales Bradbury Ray    
Dandelion Wine Bradbury Ray    
The Halloween Tree Bradbury Ray    
A Graveyard for Lunatics Bradbury Ray    
The Silver Locusts Bradbury Ray    
The October Country Bradbury Ray    
Long After Midnight Bradbury Ray    
Machineries of Joy Bradbury Ray    
Golden Apples of the Sun Bradbury Ray    
The Day It Rained Forever Bradbury Ray    
The Halloween Tree Bradbury Ray    
The Firebrand Bradley Marion Zimmer    
The Firebrand Bradley Marion Zimmer    
The Mists of Avalon Bradley Marion Zimmer    
The Winds of Darkover Bradley Marion Zimmer    
Sharra’s Exile Bradley Marion Zimmer    
The Planet Savers Bradley Marion Zimmer    
Falcons of Narabedla Bradley Marion Zimmer    
The Spellsword Bradley Marion Zimmer    
Warrior Woman Bradley Marion Zimmer    
The Forbidden Tower Bradley Marion Zimmer    
One of Our H-Bombs Is Missing Brennan Frederick H    
The Microscopic Ones Brett Leo    
Startide Rising Brin David    
The Uplift War Brin David    
A Man Returned Broderick Damien    
The Zeitgeist Machine: A New Anthology of Science Fiction Broderick Damien   Anthology
Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Brooks Terry   Novelisation
The Elfstones of Shannara Brooks Terry    
The Sword of Shannara Brooks Terry    
The Wishsong of Shannara Brooks Terry    
Magic Kingdom for Sale Brooks Terry    
The Black Unicorn Brooks Terry    
Hook Brooks Terry    
Angelo’s Moon Brown Alec    
The Da Vinci Code Brown Dan    
Privateer Brown Simon    
Children of the Thunder Brunner John    
Born Under Mars Brunner John    
Stand on Zanzibar Brunner John    
The Beasts of Kohl Brunner John    
Out of My Mind Brunner John    
Total Eclipse Brunner John    
Times Without Number Brunner John    
Players at the Game of People Brunner John    
The Long Result Brunner John    
Into the Slave Nebula Brunner John    
Not Before Time Brunner John    
The Day of the Star Cities Brunner John    
The Star Droppers Brunner John    
Telepathist Brunner John    
Quicksand Brunner John    
The Productions of Time Brunner John    
The Atlantic Abomination Brunner John    
Endless Shadow/The Arsenal of Miracles Brunner John Fox, Gardner F  
Cinnabar Bryant Edward    
The Thirty-Nine Steps Buchan John    
The Iron Thorn Budrys Algis    
Rogue Moon Budrys Algis    
Falling Free Bujod Lois McMaster    
The Wanting Seed Burgess Anthony    
A Clockwork Orange Burgess Anthony    
Pattern of Shadows Burke Jonathon    
Sleeping Planet Burkett William R    
Escape on Venus [Venus 4] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
John Carter of Mars [Barsoom 11] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
The Land that Time Forgot [Caspak 1] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Llana of Gathol [Barsoom 10] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
The Master Mind of Mars [Barsoom 6] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Pirates of Venus [Venus 1] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Warlord of Mars [Barsoom 3] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
The Wizard of Venus [Venus 5] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
A Princess of Mars [Barsoom 1] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
The Gods of Mars [Barsoom 2] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Swords of Mars [Barsoom 8] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
A Fighting Man of Mars [Barsoom 7] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan the Terrible [Tarzan 8] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan and the Golden Lion [Tarzan 9] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan and the Ant Men [Tarzan 10] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan Lord of the Jungle [Tarzan 11] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan at the Earth’s Core [Tarzan 13] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan and the Madman [Tarzan 23] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
The Chessmen of Mars [Barsoom 5] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Carson of Venus [Venus 3] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Lost on Venus [Venus 2] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan the Magnificent [Tarzan 21] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan and the Forbidden City [Tarzan 20] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion [Tarzan 22] Burroughs Edgar Rice    
Nova Express Burroughs William    
Tales from the Thousand and One Nights Burton Richard (Sir)    
The Proud Enemy Busby F M    
The Experiment Butler William    
Queens of Deliria Butterworth Michael    
Figures of Earth Cabell James Branch    
The Silver Stallion Cabell James Branch    
Metrophage Cadrey Richard    
Cyborg Caidin Martin    
Operation Nuke Caidin Martin    
Marooned Caidin Martin    
The Moon is Hell Campbell John W    
The Influence Campbell Ramsey    
Waking Nightmares Campbell Ramsey    
A Forest of Eyes Canning Victor    
Capitol Card Orson Scott    
Leviathan’s Deep Carr Jayge    
A Treasury of Modern Fantasy Carr Terry Greenberg, Martin Anthology
Heroes and Villains Carter Angela    
Beyond the Gates of Dream Carter Lin   Collection
Journey to the Underground World [Zanthodon 1] Carter Lin    
Lost Worlds Carter Lin   Collection
Sky Pirates of Callisto [Callisto 3] Carter Lin    
Black Legion of Callisto [Callisto 2] Carter Lin    
Jandar of Callisto [Callisto 1] Carter Lin    
The Wizard of Lemuria [Thongor 1] Carter Lin    
Thongor of Lemuria [Thongor 2] Carter Lin    
Thongor Against the Gods [Thongor 3] Carter Lin    
Thongor in the City of Magicians Carter Lin    
Thongor at the End of Time [Thongor 5] Carter Lin    
Thongor Fights the Pirates of Tarakus [Thongor 6] Carter Lin    
Panglor Carver Jeffrey A    
Star Rigger’s Way Carver Jeffrey A    
A Separate Reality [Don Juan 2] Castaneda Carlos   Spiritual
Tales of Power [Don Juan 4] Castaneda Carlos   Spiritual
The Second Ring of Power [Don Juan 5] Castaneda Carlos   Spiritual
Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan [Don Juan 3] Castaneda Carlos    
The Identity Matrix Chalker Jack L    
The Labyrinth of Dreams Chalker Jack L    
The Maze in the Mirror Chalker Jack L    
The River of Dancing Gods Chalker Jack L    
The Shadow Dancers Chalker Jack L    
Rendezvous on a Lost World Chandler A Bertram    
The Rim of Space Chandler A Bertram    
Space Mercenaries Chandler A Bertram    
The Big Black Mark Chandler A Bertram    
False Fatherland Chandler A Bertram    
When Voiha Wakes [House of Kendreth 3] Chant Joy    
The Grey Mane of Morning [House of Kendreth 2] Chant Joy    
Red Moon and Black Mountain [House of Kendreth 1] Chant Joy    
The Grey Mane of Morning Chant Joy    
Red Tide Chapman D D Tarzan, Deloris Lehman  
Never Trust an Elf [Shadowrun 6] Charrette Robert N    
Science Against Man Cheetham Anthony    
Bug-Eyed Monsters Cheetham Anthony   Anthology
The Faded Sun: Shon’Jir [Mri Wars 2] Cherryh C J    
Merchanter’s Luck [Company Wars] Cherryh C J    
Kioga of the Unknown Land Chester William L    
Kioga of the Wilderness Chester William L    
One Against a Wilderness Chester William L    
The Red Planet Chilton Charles    
The Caves of Night Christopher John    
The Long Voyage Christopher John    
Beyond the Burning Lands Christopher John    
The Prince in Waiting Christopher John    
The Sword of the Spirits Christopher John    
The Tripods Trilogy Christopher John    
The White Mountains Christopher John    
The Second Book of the Cosmic Forces of Mu Churchward James   Non-fiction
2001: A Space Odyssey Clarke Arthur C    
2010: Odyssey Two Clarke Arthur C    
The Best of Arthur C. Clarke: 1937-1971 Clarke Arthur C    
The Best of Arthur C. Clarke: 1956-1972 Clarke Arthur C    
Childhood’s End Clarke Arthur C    
The City and the Stars Clarke Arthur C    
The Deep Range Clarke Arthur C    
Earthlight Clarke Arthur C    
Expedition to Earth Clarke Arthur C    
A Fall of Moondust Clarke Arthur C    
Islands in the Sky Clarke Arthur C    
The Lion of Comarre; Against the Fall of Night Clarke Arthur C    
Of Time and Stars Clarke Arthur C    
The Other Side of the Sky Clarke Arthur C    
Prelude to Space Clarke Arthur C    
Profiles of the Future Clarke Arthur C    
The Promise of Space Clarke Arthur C    
Reach for Tomorrow Clarke Arthur C    
Rendezvous with Rama Clarke Arthur C    
The Sands of Mars Clarke Arthur C    
Tales from the White Hart Clarke Arthur C    
Tales of Ten Worlds Clarke Arthur C    
Voices from the Sky Clarke Arthur C    
The Wind from the Sun Clarke Arthur C    
The Fountains of Paradise Clarke Arthur C    
The Fountains of Paradise Clarke Arthur C    
2001: A Space Odyssey Clarke Arthur C    
Space Odyssey Clarke Arthur C Vonnegut, Kurt Anthology
Shogun Clavell James    
Cycle of Fire Clement Hal    
Natives of Space Clement Hal    
Hidden World Coblentz Stanton A    
From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race Collins Andrew   Non-fiction
Did Spacemen Colonise the Earth? Collyns Robin   Non-Fiction
The Continuous Katherine Mortonhoe Compton D G    
The Electric Crocodile Compton D G    
The Unsleeping Eye Compton D G    
Farewell, Earth’s Bliss Compton D G    
Winter’s Children Coney Michael    
Charisma Coney Michael    
Friends Come in Boxes Coney Michael    
Syzygy Coney Michael    
Giants Unleashed Conklin Groff   Anthology
Great Science Fiction by Scientists Conklin Groff   Anthology
Twisted Conklin Groff   Anthology
Great Stories of Space Travel Conklin Groff   Anthology
Great Science Fiction about Doctors Conklin Groff Fabricant, Noah D Anthology
Heart of Darkness Conrad Joseph    
Burying the Shadow Constantine Storm    
Acceptable Risk Cook Robin    
All Fool’s Day Cooper Edmund    
The Cloud Walker Cooper Edmund    
A Far Sunset Cooper Edmund    
Five to Twelve Cooper Edmund    
Jupiter Laughs Cooper Edmund    
News from Elsewhere Cooper Edmund    
The Overman Culture Cooper Edmund    
Sea-Horse in the Sky Cooper Edmund    
Seed of Light Cooper Edmund    
The Slaves of Heaven Cooper Edmund    
Who Needs Men? Cooper Edmund    
A House in Space Cooper Henry S F    
Moonwreck Cooper Henry S F    
The Book of Paradox Cooper Louise    
Knights of God Cooper Richard    
The Dark is Rising Sequence Cooper Susan    
Mandrake Cooper Susan    
The Mighty Atom Corelli Marie    
Planetfall Cover Arthur Byron    
Kuldesak Cowper Richard    
Phoenix Cowper Richard    
The Twilight of Briareus Cowper Richard    
Worlds Apart Cowper Richard    
The Twilight of Briareus Cowper Richard    
The Searing Coyne John    
The Andromeda Strain Crichton Michael    
Sphere Crichton Michael    
The Terminal Man Crichton Michael    
The Brood Cronenberg David    
Moonchild Crowley Aleister    
Aegypt Crowley John    
A Brand New World Cumming Ray    
Beyond the Stars Cumming Ray    
Vixen 03 Cussler Clive    
Shock Wave Cussler Clive    
The Grotto of Formigans da Cruz Daniel    
The Ayes of Texas da Cruz Daniel    
Spykos 4 Dagmar Peter    
Mind Probe Dagmar Peter    
Tales of the Unexpected Dahl Roald    
The Starfollowers of Coramonde Daley Brian    
The Walkaway Clause Dalmas John    
The Ill-Made Mute Dart-Thornton Cecilia    
Rork! Davidson Avram    
Smith’s Gazelle Davidson Lionel    
The Artificial Man Davies L P    
Tolkien’s Ring Day David   Non-fiction
Tower of Zanid de Camp L Sprague    
Lest Darkness Fall de Camp L Sprague    
The Goblin Tower de Camp L Sprague    
The Castle of Iron de Camp L Sprague Pratt, Fletcher  
The Enchanter Compleated de Camp L Sprague Pratt, Fletcher  
Conan the Buccaneer de Camp L Sprague Carter, Lin  
Conan of the Isles de Camp L Sprague Carter, Lin  
One Against Time del Martia Astron    
Attack from Atlantis Del Ray Lester    
Mortals and Monsters Del Ray Lester    
Nerves Del Ray Lester    
Pocket Jockey Del Ray Lester    
The Scheme of Things Del Ray Lester    
The Sky is Falling Del Ray Lester    
Police Your Planet Del Ray Lester van Chin, Erik  
The Jewels of Aptor Delany Samuel R    
Babel-17 Delany Samuel R    
The Ballad of Beta-Z/Empire Star Delany Samuel R    
The Einstein Intersection Delany Samuel R    
The Fall of the Towers Delany Samuel R    
Tales of Neveryon [Neveryon 1] Delany Samuel R    
Neveryona [Neveryon 2] Delany Samuel R    
Flight from Neveryon [Neveryon 3] Delany Samuel R    
Return to Neveryon [Neveryon 4] Delany Samuel R    
Dark Sun World: The Amber Enchantress [Prism Pentad 3] Denning Troy    
Burning Spear Denton Kit    
Independence Day Devlin Dean Emmerich, Roland and Molstad, Stephen  
Mazemaker Dexter Catherine    
The Divine Invasion Dick Philip K    
The Unteleported Man Dick Philip K    
The Book of Philip K. Dick Dick Philip K    
The Game-Players of Titan Dick Philip K    
Dorsai! Dickson Gordon R    
Masters of Everon Dickson Gordon R    
Mutants Dickson Gordon R    
The Outposter Dickson Gordon R    
Sleepwalker’s World Dickson Gordon R    
Timestorm Dickson Gordon R    
The Unknown – Is It Nearer? Dingwall Eric J Langdon-Davies, John Non-Fiction
The Case Against Org Dintenfass Mark    
Under Compulsion Disch Thomas M    
White Fang Goes Dingo Disch Thomas M    
Noah II Dixon Roger    
Australian Gothic: An Anthology of Australian Supernatural Fiction 1867-1939 Doig James   Anthology
Lord Foul’s Bane [Thomas Covenant 1] Donaldson Stephen    
The Illearth War [Thomas Covenant 2] Donaldson Stephen    
The Power That Preserves [Thomas Covenant 3] Donaldson Stephen    
Highlander Douglas Garry    
Sinner [The Wayfarer Redemption 1] Douglass Sara    
Pilgrim [The Wayfarer Redemption 2] Douglass Sara    
Hades’ Daughter [The Troy Game 1] Douglass Sara    
God’s Concubine [The Troy Game 2] Douglass Sara    
Darkwitch Rising [The Troy Game 3] Douglass Sara    
Enchanter [Axis Trilogy 1] Douglass Sara    
StarMan [Axis Trilogy 2] Douglass Sara    
Battleaxe [Axis Trilogy 3] Douglass Sara    
Crusader [The Wayfarer Redemption 3] Douglass Sara    
Druid’s Sword [The Troy Game 4] Douglass Sara    
Land of Mist and Snow Doyle Debra MacDonald, James D  
Nightmare Blue Dozois Gardner Effinger, George Alec  
The Count of Monte Cristo Dumas Alexander    
The Coming of Steeleye [Steeleye 1] Dunn Saul    
Steeleye: The Wideways [Steeleye 2] Dunn Saul    
Steeleye: Waterspace [Steeleye 3] Dunn Saul    
The Charwoman’s Shadow Dunsany Lord    
The King of Elfland’s Daughter Dunsany Lord    
Beyond the Fields We Know Dunsany Lord    
King of the Murgos Eddings David    
The Elenium Eddings David   Omnibus
Demon Lord of Karanda [Malloreon 3] Eddings David    
Sorceress of Darshiva [Malloreon 4] Eddings David    
Seeress of Kell [Malloreon 5] Eddings David    
Pawn of Prophecy [Belgariad 1] Eddings David    
Queen of Sorcery [Belgariad 2] Eddings David    
Magician’s Gambit [Belgariad 3] Eddings David    
Castle of Wizardry [Belgariad 4] Eddings David    
The Ruby Knight [Elenium 2] Eddings David    
The Diamond Throne [Elenium 1] Eddings David    
The Worm Ouroboros Eddison E R    
The Aluminum Man Edmondson G C    
When Gravity Fails Effinger George Alec    
Diaspora Egan Greg    
Falling Toward Forever Eklund Gordon    
A Trace of Dreams Eklund Gordon    
The Shadow of the Gloom World Eldridge Roger    
Kemlo and the Space Lanes Eliot E C    
Dowsing – One Man’s Way Elliot S Scott   Non-fiction
Space Voyage Ellis D    
A Thousand Ages Ellis D    
Flight of the White Wolf Ellis Mel    
All the Sounds of Fear Ellison Harlan    
Approaching Oblivion Ellison Harlan    
Earthman, Go Home! Ellison Harlan    
Spider Kiss Ellison Harlan    
Strange Gods Elwood Roger   Anthology
Alien Earth and Other Stories Elwood Roger Moskowitz, Sam Anthology
The Neverending Story Ende Michael    
The Crash of ’79 Erdman Paul E    
JRR Tolkien: Writers for the 70’s Evans Robley   Non-fiction
City Under the Sea Fairman Paul W    
The Radio Planet Farley Ralph Milne    
A Private Cosmos [World of Tiers 3] Farmer Philip Jose    
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Tarzan Alive Farmer Philip Jose    
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The Gates of Creation [World of Tiers 2] Farmer Philip Jose    
Blown [Exorcism 2] Farmer Philip Jose    
Dare Farmer Philip Jose    
The Dark Design [Riverworld 3] Farmer Philip Jose    
Dayworld [Dayworld 1] Farmer Philip Jose    
The Green Odyssey Farmer Philip Jose    
Night of Light Farmer Philip Jose    
The Stone God Awakens Farmer Philip Jose    
Traitor to the Living [Exorcism 3] Farmer Philip Jose    
The Wind Whales of Ishmael Farmer Philip Jose    
To Your Scattered Bodies Go [Riverworld 1] Farmer Philip Jose    
Their Master’s War Farren Mick    
The Neural Atrocity [Jeb Stuart Ho 3] Farren Mick    
Synaptic Manhunt [Jeb Stuart Ho 2] Farren Mick    
The General Zapped an Angel Fast Howard    
A Darkness at Sethanon Feist Raymond E    
Prince of the Blood Feist Raymond E    
The King’s Buccaneer Feist Raymond E    
Shadow of a Dark Queen [Serpentwar Saga 1] Feist Raymond E    
Rise of a Merchant Prince [Serpentwar Saga 2] Feist Raymond E    
Rage of a Demon King [Serpentwar Saga 3] Feist Raymond E    
Shards of a Broken Crown [Serpentwar Saga 4] Feist Raymond E    
Krondor: The Assassins [Riftwar Legacy 2] Feist Raymond E    
Magician [Riftwar 1] Feist Raymond E    
Silverthorn [Riftwar 2] Feist Raymond E    
Rise of a Merchant Prince [Serpentwar 2] Feist Raymond E    
Daughter of the Empire [Empire Trilogy 1] Feist Raymond E Wurts, Janny  
Servant of the Empire [Empire Trilogy 2] Feist Raymond E Wurts, Janny  
Mistress of the Empire [Empire Trilogy 3] Feist Raymond E Wurts, Janny  
The Eyre Affair [Thursday Next 1] Fforde Jasper    
Something Rotten [Thursday Next 2] Fforde Jasper    
Lost in a Good Book [Thursday Next 3] Fforde Jasper    
The Well of Lost Plots [Thursday Next 4] Fforde Jasper    
The Fourth Bear [Nursery Crime 2] Fforde Jasper    
The Unholy City Finney Charles C    
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Finney Jack    
A Rag, A Bone and a Hank of Hair Fisk Nicholas    
Invaders from Rigel Fletcher Pratt Fletcher    
Union Forever [The Lost Regiment 2] Forstchen William R    
The Pool of Two Moons [The Witches of Eileanan 2] Forsyth Kate    
The Forbidden Land [The Witches of Eileanan 4] Forsyth Kate    
The Fathomless Caves [The Witches of Eileanan 6] Forsyth Kate    
The Tower of Ravens [Rhiannon’s Ride 1] Forsyth Kate    
The Shining City [Rhiannon’s Ride 2] Forsyth Kate    
Nor Crystal Tears Foster Alan Dean    
Alien Foster Alan Dean    
The False Mirror [The Damned Trilogy 2] Foster Alan Dean    
Glory Lane Foster Alan Dean    
Greenthieves Foster Alan Dean    
Splinter of the Mind’s Eye Foster Alan Dean    
Life Form Foster Alan Dean    
Orphan Star [Pip and Flinx 3] Foster Alan Dean    
The Tar-Aiym Krang [Pip and Flinx 2] Foster Alan Dean    
The Thing Foster Alan Dean    
Quozl Foster Alan Dean    
With Friends Like These… Foster Alan Dean    
Quozl Foster Alan Dean    
The Change Foster George C    
A Guide to Middle-Earth: A Complete and Definitive Concordance for the Lord of the Rings Foster Robert   Reference
The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth: An A-Z Guide to the Names and Events in the Fantasy World of J.R.R. Tolkien From The Hobbit to The Silmarillion Foster Robert   Reference
Escape Across the Cosmos Fox Gardner    
Warrior of Llarn Fox Gardner    
Risk Francis Dirk    
Sleigh Ride Francis Dirk    
The Illusionist Francis Stephen    
Sweet Dreams Frayn Michael    
Element 79 Fred Hoyle Fred    
Ossian’s Ride Fred Hoyle Fred    
Fifth Planet Fred Hoyle Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey  
The Incandescent Ones Fred Hoyle Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey  
Rockets in Ursa Major Fred Hoyle Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey  
A for Andromeda Fred Hoyle Fred Elliot, John  
The Andromeda Breakthrough Fred Hoyle Fred Elliot, John  
The Revolving Boy Friedberg Gertrude    
Here Be Demons Friesner Esther    
New York by Knight Friesner Esther    
Lyrec Frost Gregory    
Gameworld Gallagher J V    
Saturn 3 Gallagher Steve    
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A Difficulty with Dwarves Gardner Craig Shaw    
An Excess of Enchantments Gardner Craig Shaw    
A Malady of Magicks [Ebenezum 1] Gardner Craig Shaw    
A Multitude of Monsters [Ebenezum 2] Gardner Craig Shaw    
The Other Sinbad [Arabian Nights 1] Gardner Craig Shaw    
Scheherazade’s Night Out [Arabian Nights 3] Gardner Craig Shaw    
A Night in the Netherhells [Ebenezum 3] Gardner Craig Shaw    
Bride of the Slime Monster [Cineverse Cycle 2] Gardner Craig Shaw    
Slaves of the Volcano God [Cineverse Cycle 1] Gardner Craig Shaw    
Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies [Cineverse Cycle 3] Gardner Craig Shaw    
A Difficulty with Dwarves Gardner Craig Shaw    
A Multitude of Monsters Gardner Craig Shaw    
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen Garner Alan    
Atlan Gaskell Jane    
The City Gaskell Jane    
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White Wolf Gemmell David    
Legend Gemmell David    
Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon Gentile Lori   Anthology
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction (24th edition) German Edward L   Anthology
Virtual Light Gibson William    
Hawaiian UFO Aliens Gilden Mel    
Surfing Samurai Robots Gilden Mel    
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The Ultimate Threshold Ginsburg Mirra   Anthology
Explorers Gipe George    
One-Eye Gordon Stuart    
Two-Eyes Gordon Stuart    
Three-Eyes Gordon Stuart    
Sunburst Gotlieb Phyllis    
The Fire Eater Goulart Ron    
Shaggy Planet Goulart Ron    
F is for Fugitive Grafton Sue    
Gold the Man Green Joseph    
Peace Company Green Roland    
Shadows Fall Green Simon R    
The Crucible of Power Greenberg Martin   Anthology
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Captives in Space [Dig Allen 2] Grenn Joseph    
The Biography of J.R.R. Tolkien, Architect of Middle Earth Grotta Daniel   Non-fiction
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Grey Hawk Adventures: Saga of Old City Gygax Gary    
Fantasy Wargaming Hackett Martin   Reference
She Haggard H Rider    
The World’s Desire Haggard H Rider Lang, Andrew  
The Claw Haile Terrance    
The Ancient Mysteries Reader Book 1 Haining Peter   Anthology
The Future Makers Haining Peter   Anthology
The Ancient Mysteries Reader Vol. 1 Haining Peter   Anthology
The Ancient Mysteries Reader Book 2 Haining Peter   Anthology
All My Sins Remembered Haldeman Joe    
Dealing in Futures Haldeman Joe    
Worlds Haldeman Joe    
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The Silent Tower Hambly Barbara    
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Secret of the Sixth Magic Hardy Lyndon    
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The Children of the Wind Harris Geraldine    
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Captive Universe Harrison Harry    
The Jupiter Legacy Harrison Harry    
Make Room! Make Room! Harrison Harry    
Planet of the Damned Harrison Harry    
Prime Number Harrison Harry    
The Stainless Steel Rat Harrison Harry    
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War with the Robots Harrison Harry    
Deathworld 1 Harrison Harry    
Deathworld 2 Harrison Harry    
West of Eden Harrison Harry    
Winter in Eden Harrison Harry    
The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World Harrison Harry    
The Stainless Steel Rat for President Harrison Harry    
Bill, the Galactic Hero Harrison Harry    
Montezuma’s Revenge Harrison Harry    
Planet of the Damned Harrison Harry    
Deathworld 2 Harrison Harry    
A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! Harrison Harry    
Backdrop of Stars Harrison Harry   Anthology
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Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of Bottled Brains Harrison Harry Sheckley, Robert  
In the Viriconium Harrison M John    
Side-Effect Hawkey Raymond    
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Mad Max 2 Hayes Terry    
Assassins from Tomorrow Heath Peter    
The Tower at the Edge of the World Heinesen William    
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Time Enough for Love Heinlein Robert    
The Door into Summer Heinlein Robert    
Double Star Heinlein Robert    
Farmer in the Sky Heinlein Robert    
Farnham’s Freehold Heinlein Robert    
Have Space Suit – Will Travel Heinlein Robert    
Rocket Ship Galileo Heinlein Robert    
The Star Beast Heinlein Robert    
Starship Troopers Heinlein Robert    
Time for the Stars Heinlein Robert    
The Worlds of Robert Heinlein Heinlein Robert    
Waldo & Magic, Inc. Heinlein Robert    
The Best of Robert Heinlein Heinlein Robert    
Between Planets Heinlein Robert    
Assignment in Eternity Heinlein Robert    
Beyond this Horizon Heinlein Robert    
Citizen of the Galaxy Heinlein Robert    
Starship Troopers Heinlein Robert    
Stranger in a Strange Land Heinlein Robert    
The Green Hills of Earth Heinlein Robert    
I Will Fear No Evil Heinlein Robert    
Between Planets Heinlein Robert    
Have Space Suit – Will Travel Heinlein Robert    
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag Heinlein Robert    
The Man Who Sold the Moon Heinlein Robert    
Rocketship Galileo Heinlein Robert    
Tolkien’s World Helms Randel   Non-fiction
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Holding Wonder Henderson Zenna    
The People: No Different Flesh Henderson Zenna    
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The Anthology With No Name Vol. 1 – A Fist Full O’ Dead Guys Hensley Shane Lacy   Anthology
The Fog Herbert James    
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Children of Dune [Dune 3] Herbet Frank    
God Emperor of Dune [Dune 4] Herbet Frank    
Heretics of Dune [Dune 5] Herbet Frank    
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The Book of Frank Herbert Herbet Frank    
The Dragon in the Sea Herbet Frank    
The Eyes of Heisenberg Herbet Frank    
The Godmakers Herbet Frank    
The Green Brain Herbet Frank    
The Heaven Makers Herbet Frank    
Hellstrom’s Hive Herbet Frank    
The Priests of Psi Herbet Frank    
The Santaroga Barrier Herbet Frank    
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Whipping Star Herbet Frank    
Chapterhouse Dune Herbet Frank    
God-Emperor of Dune Herbet Frank    
The Jesus Incident Herbet Frank Ransom, Bill  
Heat Herzog Arthur    
The Journey to the East Hesse Hermann    
The Prodigal Sun High Philip E    
Bhagavad-Gita As It Is His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada     Spiritual
The Mystery of the Silver Spider Hitchcock Alfred    
Gray Matters Hjortsberg William    
Assassin’s Apprentice [Farseer trilogy 1] Hobb Robin    
Royal Assassin [Farseer Trilogy 2] Hobb Robin    
Forest Mage [Soldier Son Trilogy 2] Hobb Robin    
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The House on the Borderland Hodgson William Hope    
The Caves of Karst Hoffman Lee    
Earthwind Holdstock Robert    
Pillar of the Sky Holland Cecilia    
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The UFOnauts Holzer Hans (Professor)   Non-fiction
Point Blanc [Alex Rider 2] Horowitz Anthony    
Stormbreaker [Alex Rider 1] Horowitz Anthony    
Skeleton Key [Alex Rider 3] Horowitz Anthony    
Duncton Wood Horwood William    
Strange Tomorrows Hoskins Robert   Anthology
Wondermakers Hoskins Robert   Anthology
The Edge of Never Hoskins Robert   Anthology
Swords against Tomorrow Hoskins Robert   Anthology
Gods in a Vortex Houston David    
Conan the Adventurer Howard Robert E    
Conan Howard Robert E    
The Dead Remember Howard Robert E    
The Lost Valley of Iskander Howard Robert E    
The Moon of Skulls Howard Robert E    
Son of the White Wolf Howard Robert E    
Skull-Face Omnibus Vol. 2 Howard Robert E    
Skull-Face Omnibus Vol. 3 Howard Robert E    
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Three-Bladed Doom Howard Robert E    
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Conan the Usurper Howard Robert E de Camp, L Sprague  
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Conan the Wanderer Howard Robert E de Camp, L Sprague and Carter, Lin  
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Seeking the Mythical Future Hoyle Trevor    
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Deathsport Hughes William    
The Virago Book of Witches Husain Shahrukh   Anthology
Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks and Covens Huson Paul   Reference
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Mattimeo Jacques Brian    
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Earth Lies Sleeping [Simon Rack 1] James Laurence    
Starcross [Simon Rack 3] James Laurence    
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Colussus Jones D F    
The Fall of Colussus Jones D F    
Implosion Jones D F    
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The Alien Jones Raymond F    
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The Fires of Heaven [Wheel of Time 5] Jordan Robert    
The Fires of Heaven [Wheel of Time 5] Jordan Robert    
Lord of Chaos [Wheel of Time 6] Jordan Robert    
The Eye of the World [Wheel of Time 1] Jordan Robert    
The Great Hunt [Wheel of Time 2] Jordan Robert    
The Dragon Reborn [Wheel of Time 3] Jordan Robert    
A Crown of Swords [Wheel of Time 7] Jordan Robert    
The Path of Daggers [Wheel of Time 8] Jordan Robert    
Winter’s Heart [Wheel of Time 9] Jordan Robert    
Crossroads of Twilight [Wheel of Time 10] Jordan Robert    
A Memory of Light [Wheel of Time 14] Jordan Robert Sanderson, Brandon  
Winter of Fire Jordan Sherryl    
The Patterns of Chaos Kapp Colin    
The Wizard of Anharitte Kapp Colin    
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The Makers Kelleher Victor    
Master of the Grove Kelleher Victor    
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The Earth Tripper Kelley Leo P    
The Man from Maybe Kelley Leo P    
Mindmix Kelley Leo P    
Mythmaster Kelley Leo P    
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Swords of the Barbarians Kenneth Bulmer Kenneth    
Beyond the Galactic Lens Kern Gregory    
Earth Enslaved Kern Gregory    
Planet of Dread Kern Gregory    
F.A.T.E. 1: Galaxy of the Lost Kern Gregory    
F.A.T.E. 6: Seetee Alert! Kern Gregory    
Polar City Blues Kerr Katharine    
Polar City Blues Kerr Katharine    
Terry Pratchett’s The Art of Discworld Kidby Paul    
Lifter Kilian Crawford    
Aventine Killough Lee    
The Monitor, The Miners, and the Shree Killough Lee    
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Geta Kingsbury Donald    
Rewards and Fairies Kipling Rudyard    
Preludes Vol. 2: Kendermore [Dragonlance] Kirchoff Mary    
Preludes Vol. 2: Kendermore [Dragonlance] Kirchoff Mary    
Beyond the Barrier Knight Damon    
Far Out Knight Damon    
In Deep Knight Damon    
The Other Foot Knight Damon    
The Rithian Terror/Off Centre Knight Damon    
Turning On Knight Damon    
A Century of Science Fiction Knight Damon   Anthology
Cities of Wonder Knight Damon   Anthology
Beyond Tomorrow Knight Damon   Anthology
First Contact Knight Damon   Anthology
Worlds to Come Knight Damon   Anthology
Master of Middle-Earth: The Achievement of JRR Tolkien Kocher Paul   Non-fiction
Master of Middle-Earth: The Achievement of J.R.R. Tolkien Kocher Paul   Non-fiction
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The Syndic Kornbluth C M    
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Kotzwinkle William    
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Ahead of Time Kuttner Henry    
Fury Kuttner Henry    
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The Dragon Lensman Kyle David A    
Lensmen from Rigel Kyle David A    
The Practice Effect Kyle David A    
Brightly Burning Lackey Mercedes    
Take A Thief Lackey Mercedes    
Arrow’s Fall [Heralds of Valdemar 3] Lackey Mercedes    
Arrow’s Flight [Heralds of Valdemar 2] Lackey Mercedes    
Arrows of the Queen [Heralds of Valdemar 1] Lackey Mercedes    
The Black Swan Lackey Mercedes    
Burning Water [Diana Tregarde 1] Lackey Mercedes    
By the Sword Lackey Mercedes    
The Eagle and the Nightingales [Bardic Voices 3] Lackey Mercedes    
Exile’s Honour [Heralds of Valdemar Prequels 1] Lackey Mercedes    
Exile’s Valour [Heralds of Valdemar Prequels 2] Lackey Mercedes    
The Fire Rose Lackey Mercedes    
Four and Twenty Blackbirds [Bardic Voices 4] Lackey Mercedes    
Magic’s Price [Last Herald-Mage 3] Lackey Mercedes    
Magic’s Promise [Last Herald-Mage 2] Lackey Mercedes    
The Oathbound [Vows and Honour 1] Lackey Mercedes    
Oathbreakers [Vows and Honour 2] Lackey Mercedes    
Oathblood [Vows and Honour 3] Lackey Mercedes    
Magic’s Pawn [Last Herald-Mage 1] Lackey Mercedes    
Storm Breaking [Mage Storms 3] Lackey Mercedes    
Storm Rising [Mage Storms 2] Lackey Mercedes    
Storm Warning [Mage Storms 1] Lackey Mercedes    
Winds of Change [Mage Winds 2] Lackey Mercedes    
Winds of Fate [Mage Winds 1] Lackey Mercedes    
Winds of Fury [Mage Winds 3] Lackey Mercedes    
The Silver Gryphon [Mage Wars 3] Lackey Mercedes Dixon, Larry  
The White Gryphon [Mage Wars 2] Lackey Mercedes Dixon, Larry  
The Black Gryphon [Mage Wars 1] Lackey Mercedes Dixon, Larry  
Past Master Lafferty R A    
Walkers on the Sky Lake David    
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Nine by Laumer Laumer Keith   Collection
The Monitors Laumer Keith    
Retief to the Rescue Laumer Keith    
Merlin [Pendragon Cycle 2] Lawhead Stephen    
Dream Thief Lawhead Stephen    
Taliesin [Pendragon Cycle 1] Lawhead Stephen    
The Earthsea Quartet Le Guin Ursula K    
City of Illusions Le Guin Ursula K    
The Compass Rose Le Guin Ursula K   Collection
The Dispossessed Le Guin Ursula K    
Threshold Le Guin Ursula K    
The Farthest Shore [Earthsea Cycle 3] Le Guin Ursula K    
The Lathe of Heaven Le Guin Ursula K    
The Left Hand of Darkness Le Guin Ursula K    
Planet of Exile Le Guin Ursula K    
Rocannon’s World Le Guin Ursula K    
The Tombs of Atuan [Earthsea Cycle 2] Le Guin Ursula K    
The Wind’s Twelve Quarters Vol. 1 Le Guin Ursula K   Collection
A Wizard of Earthsea [Earthsea Cycle 1] Le Guin Ursula K    
City of Illusions Le Guin Ursula K    
Herzlich Willkommen Leah Gordon N   Foreign language; educational
The Storm Lord Lee Tanith    
The Birthgrave Lee Tanith    
Night’s Master Lee Tanith    
Shadowfire Lee Tanith    
The Best of Fritz Leiber Leiber Fritz    
The Big Time Leiber Fritz    
Gather, Darkness! Leiber Fritz    
The Secret Songs Leiber Fritz    
A Spectre is Haunting Texas Leiber Fritz    
Swords Against Death Leiber Fritz    
Swords and Deviltry Leiber Fritz    
The Wanderer Leiber Fritz    
A Quiet of Stone Leigh Stephen    
Miners in the Sky Leinster Murray    
The Monster from Earth’s End Leinster Murray    
Operation Terror Leinster Murray    
The Wailing Asteroid Leinster Murray    
The Female Quixote; or, The Adventures of Arabella Lennox Mrs Charlotte    
Perelandra Lewis C S    
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe [Narnia 2] Lewis C S    
The Horse and his Boy [Narnia 3] Lewis C S    
Prince Caspian [Narnia 4] Lewis C S    
Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Narnia 5] Lewis C S    
The Silver Chair [Narnia 6] Lewis C S    
The Last Battle [Narnia 7] Lewis C S    
The Evolution Man Lewis Ray    
Molt Brother Lichtenberg Jacqueline    
Unto Zeor, Forever Lichtenberg Jacqueline    
Bad Voltage Littell Jonathon    
The Douglas Convolution Llewellyn Edward    
The Douglas Convolution Llewellyn Edward    
Shipwreck Logan Charles    
Before Adam London Jack    
White Fang London Jack    
It Was the Day of the Robot Long Frank Belknap    
The Bronze Axe Lord Jeffrey    
Champion of the Gods Lord Jeffrey    
Wizard of Rentoro Lord Jeffrey    
Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft Lovecraft H P   Collection
Number the Stars Lowry Lois    
The Transition of Titus Crow Lumley Brian    
Science Fiction – What It’s All About Lundwall Sam J   Reference
Alice’s World Lundwall Sam J    
One Million Centuries Lupoff Richard A    
The Grey Ones Lymington John    
The Sleep Eaters Lymington John    
The Lies of Locke Lamora Lynch Scott    
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Raphael [Damiano 3] MacAvoy R A    
Tea with the Black Dragon MacAvoy R A    
Tark and the Golden Tide MacConnel Colum    
The Net MacGregor Loren J    
The Hill of Dreams Machen Arthur    
A Field Guide to Demons, Vampires, Fallen Angels and Other Subversive Spirits Mack Carol K Mack, Dinah  
Agent of T.E.R.R.A. 1: The Flying Saucer Gambit Maddock Larry    
A Fire on the Moon Mailer Norman    
B.E.A.S.T. Maine Charles Eric    
The Man Who Owned the World Maine Charles Eric    
The Mind of Mr. Soames Maine Charles Eric    
Beyond Apollo Malzberg Barry    
The Day of the Burning Malzberg Barry    
The Falling Astronauts Malzberg Barry    
Guernica Night Malzberg Barry    
Herovit’s World Malzberg Barry    
The Men Inside Malzberg Barry    
On a Planet Alien Malzberg Barry    
Overlay Malzberg Barry    
The Twenty-Seventh Day Mantley John    
The Shakwa March Gene    
The Day Star Mark S. Geston Mark S    
Lords of the Starship Mark S. Geston Mark S    
Out of the Mouth of the Dragon Mark S. Geston Mark S    
Night Drop Marshall S L A    
Sandkings Martin George R R   Collection
A Storm of Swords Part 2 [A Song of Ice and Fire 3] Martin George R R    
A Clash of Kings [A Song of Ice and Fire 2] Martin George R R    
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The Resurrection of Roger Diment Mason Douglas R    
The Caltraps of Time Masson David I    
Steele [Steele 1] Masters J D    
Cold Steele [Steele 2] Masters J D    
Killer Steele [Steele 3] Masters J D    
Jagged Steele [Steele 4] Masters J D    
Renegade Steele [Steele 5] Masters J D    
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Revenge of the Manitou Masterton Graham    
Tengu Masterton Graham    
I Am Legend Matheson Richard    
Tales of the City Maupin Armistead    
Further Tales of the City Maupin Armistead    
The Non Born King [Saga of the Exiles 3] May Julian    
The Adversary [Saga of the Exiles 4] May Julian    
The Golden Torc [Saga of the Exiles 2] May Julian    
The Nonborn King [Saga of the Exiles 3] May Julian    
The Many-Coloured Land [Saga of the Exiles 1] May Julian    
A Pliocene Companion [Saga of the Exiles companion book] May Julian    
Time Twister Maybury Ged    
Snowcastles McBeary Duncan    
The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall McCaffrey Anne    
Damia’s Children [The Tower and the Hive 3] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragondrums McCaffrey Anne    
Get Off the Unicorn McCaffrey Anne    
All the Weyrs of Pern [Pern 8] McCaffrey Anne    
The Crystal Singer [Crystal Singer 1] McCaffrey Anne    
Damia [The Tower and the Hive 2] McCaffrey Anne    
Decision at Doona [Doona 1] McCaffrey Anne    
Dinosaur Planet [Dinosaur Planet 1] McCaffrey Anne    
The Dolphins of Pern [Pern 10] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragondrums [Pern: Harper Hall 3] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragonflight [Pern 1] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragonquest [Pern 2] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragonsdawn [Pern 6] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragonsinger: Harper of Pern [Pern: Harper Hall 2] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragonsong [Pern: Harper Hall 1] McCaffrey Anne    
Freedom’s Challenge [Catteni 3] McCaffrey Anne    
Freedom’s Choice [Catteni 2] McCaffrey Anne    
Freedom’s Landing [Catteni 1] McCaffrey Anne    
The Girl Who Heard Dragons [Pern] McCaffrey Anne    
Killashandra [Crystal Singer 2] McCaffrey Anne    
Lyon’s Pride [The Tower and the Hive 4] McCaffrey Anne    
The MasterHarper of Pern [Pern 12] McCaffrey Anne    
Nerilka’s Story and The Coelura McCaffrey Anne    
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern [Pern 4] McCaffrey Anne    
Nimisha’s Ship McCaffrey Anne    
Pegasus In Space [Talents 3] McCaffrey Anne    
Pegasus In Flight [Talents 2] McCaffrey Anne    
Power Play [Petaybee 3] McCaffrey Anne    
Powers That Be [Petaybee 1] McCaffrey Anne    
Restoree McCaffrey Anne    
To Ride Pegasus [Talents 1] McCaffrey Anne    
The Rowan [The Tower and the Hive 1] McCaffrey Anne    
The Ship Who Sang [Ship 1] McCaffrey Anne    
The Skies of Pern [Pern 13] McCaffrey Anne    
The Survivors [Dinosaur Planet 2] McCaffrey Anne    
The White Dragon [Pern 3] McCaffrey Anne    
Dragonquest McCaffrey Anne    
Acorna’s People [Acorna 3] McCaffrey Anne Scarborough, Elizabeth  
Power Lines [Petaybee 2] McCaffrey Anne Scarborough, Elizabeth  
Sassinak [Planet Pirates 1] McCaffrey Anne Moon, Elizabeth  
Generation Warriors [Planet Pirates 3] McCaffrey Anne Moon, Elizabeth  
Crisis on Doona [Doona 2] McCaffrey Anne Nye, Jody Lynn  
The Death of Sleep [Planet Pirates 2] McCaffrey Anne Nye, Jody Lynn  
Acorna [Acorna 1] McCaffrey Anne Ball, Margaret  
PartnerShip [Ship 2] McCaffrey Anne Ball, Margaret  
The Ship Who Searched [Ship 3] McCaffrey Anne Lackey, Mercedes  
The City Who Fought [Ship 4] McCaffrey Anne Stirling, S M  
A Talent for War McDevitt Jack    
A Talent for War McDevitt Jack    
Fletch And the Man Who McDonald Gregory    
Planet of the Dreamers McDonald John D    
The Shattered Stars McEnroe Richard S    
Royal Chaos McGirt Dan    
Jason Cosmo McGirt Dan    
The Awakening McGuinnes Bevan    
The Worlds of Science Fiction Mills Robert P   Anthology
Asimov’s Science Fiction Anthology #6: Wonders of the World Moloney Kathleen McCarthy, Shawna Anthology
The Condition of Muzak Moorcock Michael    
Breakfast in the Ruins Moorcock Michael    
The Mad God’s Amulet Moorcock Michael    
The Runestaff Moorcock Michael    
The Fortress of the Pearl Moorcock Michael    
The Shores of Death Moorcock Michael    
The Mad God’s Amulet [Runestaff Trilogy 2] Moorcock Michael    
The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius Moorcock Michael    
The Land Leviathan Moorcock Michael    
Phoenix in Obsidian Moorcock Michael    
The Blood Red Game Moorcock Michael    
The Ice Schooner Moorcock Michael    
The Weird of the White Wolf Moorcock Michael    
Stormbringer Moorcock Michael    
The Golden Barge Moorcock Michael    
The Time of the Hawklords Moorcock Michael Butterworth, Michael  
The King of Sleep [The Watchers 2] Mor Cai seal    
Under a Calculating Star Moressy John    
The Wood Beyond the World Morris William    
Microcosmic God Moskowitz Sam   Anthology
A Man Called Poe Moskowitz Sam   Anthology
The Oblivion Tapes Murari Timeri    
The Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction Nicholls Peter   Reference
The Patchwork Girl Niven Larry    
The Flight of the Horse Niven Larry    
A Hole in Space Niven Larry    
Inconstant Moon Niven Larry    
The Patchwork Girl Niven Larry    
Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven Niven Larry    
World of Ptavvs Niven Larry    
A World Out of Time Niven Larry    
Logan’s World Nolan William F    
Logan’s Run Nolan William F Johnson, George Clayton  
Assassin of Gor [Gor 5] Norman John    
Captive of Gor [Gor 7] Norman John    
Hunters of Gor [Gor 8] Norman John    
Marauders of Gor [Gor 9] Norman John    
Nomads of Gor [Gor 4] Norman John    
Priest-Kings of Gor [Gor 3] Norman John    
Tarnsman of Gor [Gor 1] Norman John    
Tribesmen of Gor [Gor 10] Norman John    
Beasts of Gor [Gor 12] Norman John    
Futures Unlimited Norton Alden   Anthology
The Jargoon Pard [High Hallack series 4] Norton Andre    
The Gate of the Cat [Estcarp series 8] Norton Andre    
The Beastmaster Norton Andre    
Catseye Norton Andre    
Eye of the Monster Norton Andre    
Forerunner Foray Norton Andre    
High Sorcery Norton Andre    
Key Out of Time Norton Andre    
Night of Masks Norton Andre    
Plague Ship Norton Andre    
Quag Keep Norton Andre    
Spell of the Witch World [High Hallack 3] Norton Andre    
Three Against the Witch World [Estcarp 3] Norton Andre    
Uncharted Stars Norton Andre    
Victory on Janus Norton Andre    
Witch World [Estcarp 1] Norton Andre    
Year of the Unicorn [High Hallack 2] Norton Andre    
The Elvenbane [Halfblood 1] Norton Andre Lackey, Mercedes  
Elvenblood [Halfblood 2] Norton Andre Lackey, Mercedes  
The Windhover Tapes: Flexing the Warp Norwood Warren    
The Windhover Tapes: Fize of the Gabriel Ratchets Norwood Warren    
Vanished [Time Police 1] Norwood Warren    
Trapped! [Time Police 2] Norwood Warren    
Stranded [Time Police 3] Norwood Warren Odom, Mel  
Armageddon 2419 A. D. Nowlan Philip Francis    
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Shadows in the Sun Oliver Chad    
The Shores of Another Sea Oliver Chad    
Animal Farm; Burmese Days; A Clergyman’s Daughter; Coming Up For Air; Keep The Aspidistra Flying; Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell George   Collection
Animal Farm Orwell George    
Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell George    
Animal Farm Orwell George    
Eleven Great Horror Stories Owen Betty M   Anthology
Oxford Colour Australian Dictionary Oxford     Reference
Fight Club Palahniuk Chuck    
A Dictionary of Modern History 1789-1945 Palmer Alan   Reference
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The Judgment of Eve Pangborn Edgar    
The Company of Glory Pangborn Edgar    
A Mirror for Observers Pangborn Edgar    
West of the Sun Pangborn Edgar    
The Thurb Revolution Panshin Alexei    
Rite of Passage Panshin Alexei    
The Crown of Darkness [Land Behind the World 3] Parry Anne Spencer    
The Crown of Light [Land Behind the World 4] Parry Anne Spencer    
Gormenghast Peake Mervyn    
Titus Groan Peake Mervyn    
Gormenghast Peake Mervyn    
Chamiel Pearson Edward    
Mutant 59: The Plastic Eater Pedler Kit Davis, Gerry  
A Warlock’s Blade Perry Mark Perry, Megahn  
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Exile [Photon 5] Peters David    
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King of Argent Phillifent John    
Space Viking Piper H Beam    
Star Rider Piserchia Doris    
Through Dungeons Deep: A Fantasy Gamers’ Handbook Plamondon Robert   Reference
The Boy Who Could Make Himself Disappear Platt Kin    
Science Fiction and Fantasy Playboy Magazine (ed.)     Anthology
The Indefinite Boundary Playfair Guy Lyon    
The Unknown Power Playfair Guy Lyon    
The Age of Pussyfoot Pohl Frederik    
Alternating Current Pohl Frederik    
The Best of Frederik Pohl Pohl Frederik    
Digits and Dastards Pohl Frederik    
Drunkard’s Walk Pohl Frederik    
Gateway Pohl Frederik    
The Gold at the Starbow’s End Pohl Frederik    
A Plague of Pythons Pohl Frederik    
Preferred Risk Pohl Frederik    
A Plague of Pythons Pohl Frederik    
Digits and Dastards Pohl Frederik    
Search the Sky Pohl Frederik Kornbluth, C M  
The Space Merchants Pohl Frederik Kornbluth, C M  
Wolfbane Pohl Frederik Kornbluth, C M  
Farthest Star Pohl Frederik Williamson, Jack  
The Reefs of Space Pohl Frederik Williamson, Jack  
Undersea Quest Pohl Frederik Williamson, Jack  
Science Fiction of the Forties Pohl Frederik Greenberg, Martin and Olander, Joseph Anthology
Galaxy Vol. 2 Pohl Frederik Greenberg, Martin and Olander, Joseph Anthology
Galaxy Vol. 2 Pohl Frederik Greenberg, Martin and Olander, Joseph Anthology
The Mercenary Pournelle Jerry    
Only You Can Save Mankind Pratchett Terry    
Maskerade Pratchett Terry    
Witches Abroad Pratchett Terry    
To Play the Watchman Preston Bruce V    
A Dream of Wessex Priest Christopher    
Fugue for a Darkening Island Priest Christopher    
An Infinite Summer Priest Christopher    
Inverted World Priest Christopher    
The Space Machine Priest Christopher    
The Doomsday Men Priestley J B    
The Golden Gryphon Feather Purtill Richard    
The Rampa Story Rampa Lobsang    
The Shrouded Planet Randall Robert    
The Brentford Triangle [Brentford Trilogy 2] Rankin Robert    
East of Ealing [Brentford Trilogy 3] Rankin Robert    
The Sprouts of Wrath [Brentford Trilogy 4] Rankin Robert    
Interstellar Two-Five Rankine John    
Dragon Prince Rawn Melanie    
The Space Circus Raymond Alex    
Understanding Tolkien And The Lord of the Rings Ready William   Reference
Ice Station Reilly Matthew    
Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight Resnick Mike    
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Vittorio, the Vampire [New Tales of the Vampires 2] Rice Anne    
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Siva! Richmond Walt Richmond, Leigh  
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The Song of Homana [Chronicles of the Cheysuli 2] Roberson Jennifer    
Legacy of the Sword [Chronicles of the Cheysuli 3] Roberson Jennifer    
Track of the White Wolf [Chronicles of the Cheysuli 4] Roberson Jennifer    
A Pride of Princes [Chronicles of the Cheysuli 5] Roberson Jennifer    
Daughter of the Lion [Chronicles of the Cheysuli 6] Roberson Jennifer    
Shapechangers [Chronicles of the Cheysuli 1] Roberson Jennifer    
The Song of Homana [Chronicles of the Cheysuli 2] Roberson Jennifer    
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Machines and Men Roberts Keith    
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The Angry Ghost Robeson Kenneth    
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Picnic on Paradise Russ Joanna    
The Zanzibar Cat Russ Joanna    
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Next of Kin Russell Eric Frank    
Far Stars Russell Eric Frank    
Wasp Russell Eric Frank    
With a Strange Device Russell Eric Frank    
Prince of Darkness Russell Ray    
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The Mask of the Sun Saberhagen Fred    
Octagon Saberhagen Fred    
Berserker: The Ultimate Enemy Saberhagen Fred    
The Book of Saberhagen Saberhagen Fred    
Brother Berserker Saberhagen Fred    
Changeling Earth Saberhagen Fred    
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Contact Sagan Carl    
The Dragons of Eden Sagan Carl    
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The Universe Against Her Schmitz James H    
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TekWar [TekWar 1] Shatner William    
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Dark Night in Toyland Shaw Bob    
Ground Zero Man Shaw Bob    
Orbitsville Shaw Bob    
Other Days, Other Eyes Shaw Bob    
The Palace of Eternity Shaw Bob    
Shadow of Heaven Shaw Bob    
Tomorrow Lies in Ambush Shaw Bob    
Vertigo Shaw Bob    
Who Goes Here? Shaw Bob    
Cosmic Kaleidoscope Shaw Bob   Collection
Pygmalion Shaw George Bernard   Play
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Mindswap Sheckley Robert    
Notions: Unlimited Sheckley Robert    
The People Trap Sheckley Robert    
Pilgrimage to Earth Sheckley Robert    
The Robert Sheckley Omnibus Sheckley Robert    
The Same to You Doubled Sheckley Robert    
The Status Civilisation Sheckley Robert    
The Tenth Victim Sheckley Robert    
The Tenth Victim Sheckley Robert    
Untouched by Human Hands Sheckley Robert    
Sight of Proteus Sheffield Charles    
The Web Between the Worlds Sheffield Charles    
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Maxwell’s Demon Sherwood Martin    
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Born with the Dead Silverberg Robert    
Downward to the Earth Silverberg Robert    
Dying Inside Silverberg Robert    
Earth’s Other Shadow Silverberg Robert    
The Face of the Waters Silverberg Robert    
The Feast of St. Dionysus Silverberg Robert    
Invaders from Earth Silverberg Robert    
The Masks of Time Silverberg Robert    
Needle in a Timestack Silverberg Robert    
To Open the Sky Silverberg Robert    
The Road to Nightfall: The Collected Stories Vol. 4 Silverberg Robert    
The Seed of Earth Silverberg Robert    
A Time of Changes Silverberg Robert    
The Time Hoppers Silverberg Robert    
Those Who Watch Silverberg Robert    
Tower of Glass Silverberg Robert    
Up the Line Silverberg Robert    
Valentine Pontifex Silverberg Robert    
The World Inside Silverberg Robert    
Earth’s Other Shadow Silverberg Robert    
The Feast of St. Dionysus Silverberg Robert   Collection
The Gate of Worlds Silverberg Robert    
Born With the Dead Silverberg Robert   Collection
The Stochastic Man Silverberg Robert    
Men and Machines Silverberg Robert   Anthology
So Bright the Vision Simak Clifford    
Cosmic Engineers Simak Clifford    
Time and Again Simak Clifford    
Cemetery World Simak Clifford    
City Simak Clifford    
Enchanted Pilgrimage Simak Clifford    
The Fellowship of the Talisman Simak Clifford    
The Goblin Reservation Simak Clifford    
The Marathon Photograph Simak Clifford    
Out of Their Minds Simak Clifford    
Ring Around the Sun Simak Clifford    
So Bright the Vision Simak Clifford    
They Walked Like Men Simak Clifford    
Way Station Simak Clifford    
The Werewolf Principle Simak Clifford    
Why Call Them Back From Heaven? Simak Clifford    
The Autumn Land and Other Stories Simak Clifford D    
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Children of the Night Simmons Dan    
Middle-Earth Simmons Ted   Reference
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The Lunatics of Terra Sladek John    
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Other Dimensions Vol. 1 Smith Clark Ashton    
The Planet Buyer Smith Cordwainer    
Space Lords Smith Cordwainer    
For the Witch of the Mists Smith David C Tierney, Richard  
The Galaxy Primes Smith E E Doc    
Masters of the Vortex Smith E E Doc    
Second Stage Lensman Smith E E Doc    
Skylark Duquesne Smith E E Doc    
Skylark of Valeron Smith E E Doc    
The Skylark of Space Smith E E Doc    
Skylark Three Smith E E Doc    
The Space Pirates Smith E E Doc    
The Clockwork Traitor Smith E E Doc    
Eclipsing Binaries Smith E E Doc    
Getaway World Smith E E Doc    
The Imperial Stars Smith E E Doc    
Stranglers’ Moon Smith E E Doc    
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The Four Day Weekend Smith George H    
The Second War of the Worlds Smith George H    
The Unending Night Smith George H    
Venus Equilateral 1 Smith George O    
Venus Equilateral 2 Smith George O    
The Nagasaki Vector Smith L Neil    
The Incredible Melting Man Smith Phil    
The Incredible Melting Man Smith Phil    
The Eye of the Tiger Smith Wilbur    
The Mars Monopoly Sohl Jerry    
The Odious Ones Sohl Jerry    
The Time Dissolver Sohl Jerry    
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Spielberg Steven   Photonovel
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Spielberg Steven    
Agent of Chaos Spinrad Norman    
Bug Jack Barron Spinrad Norman    
The Black Beast [Book of the Isle 4] Springer Nancy    
The Golden Swan [Book of the Isle 5] Springer Nancy    
The Sable Moon [Book of the Isle 3] Springer Nancy    
The Silver Sun [Book of the Isle 2] Springer Nancy    
The White Hart [Book of the Isle 1] Springer Nancy    
A Portrait of Barbara Squire Robin    
The Dancers of Noyo St Clair Margaret    
The Days of Glory Stableford Brian M    
The Fenris Device Stableford Brian M    
The Florians Stableford Brian M    
The Halcyon Drift Stableford Brian M    
In the Kingdom of the Beasts Stableford Brian M    
The Paradise Game Stableford Brian M    
The Paradox of the Sets Stableford Brian M    
Swan Song Stableford Brian M    
To Challenge Chaos Stableford Brian M    
Sirius Stapledon Olaf    
Star Maker Stapledon Olaf    
A Company of Stars Stasheff Christopher    
King Kobold Stasheff Christopher    
The Warlock Enlarged Stasheff Christopher    
How to Make Model Soldiers Steams Philip O   Reference
Gods of Aquarius Steiger Brad    
The Crock of Gold Stephens James    
Star Child Stewart Fred Mustard    
Earth Abides Stewart George R    
The Last Enchantment [Merlin 3] Stewart Mary    
The Hollow Hills [Merlin 2] Stewart Mary    
The Hollow Hills [Merlin 2] Stewart Mary    
The Wicked Day [Merlin 4] Stewart Mary    
The Unicorn and Other Tales Stivens Dal    
The Space-Gods Revealed Story Ronald   Non-fiction
Apeman, Spaceman Stover Leon Harrison, Harry Anthology
Forbidden Planet Stuart W J    
Beyond Sturgeon Theodore    
Caviar Sturgeon Theodore    
E Pluribus Unicorn Sturgeon Theodore    
The Joyous Invasions Sturgeon Theodore    
More than Human Sturgeon Theodore    
Not Without Sorcery Sturgeon Theodore    
Starshine Sturgeon Theodore    
Sturgeon in Orbit Sturgeon Theodore    
To Here and the Easel Sturgeon Theodore    
Venus Plus X Sturgeon Theodore    
A Way Home Sturgeon Theodore    
More than Human Sturgeon Theodore    
The Dolphin and the Deep Swann Thomas Burnett    
The Forest of Forever Swann Thomas Burnett    
How Are the Mighty Fallen Swann Thomas Burnett    
Moondust Swann Thomas Burnett    
Where is the Bird of Fire? Swann Thomas Burnett    
Vacuum Flowers Swanwick Michael    
The Torture Machine Tabori Paul    
The Time Stream Taine John    
The Ramsgate Paradox Tall Stephen    
The Stardust Voyages Tall Stephen    
The Fleshpots of Sansato Temple William F    
Time In Advance Tenn William    
Blood Heritage Tepper Sheri    
The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped Tepper Sheri    
Sideshow Tepper Sheri    
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The Man Who Fell to Earth Tevis Walter    
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Iron Master [Amtrak Wars 3] Tilley Patrick    
Cloud Warrior [Amtrak Wars 1] Tilley Patrick    
First Family [Amtrak Wars 2] Tilley Patrick    
Iron Master [Amtrak Wars 3] Tilley Patrick    
Blood River [Amtrak Wars 4] Tilley Patrick    
Death Bringer [Amtrak Wars 5] Tilley Patrick    
Earth-Thunder [Amtrak Wars 6] Tilley Patrick    
Fade-Out Tilley Patrick    
The Seedbearers Timlett Peter Valentine    
Farmer Giles of Ham Tolkien J R R    
The Book of Lost Tales I Tolkien J R R   Collection
The Two Towers Tolkien J R R    
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The Hobbit Tolkien J R R    
The Lord of the Rings Tolkien J R R   Collection
The Book of Lost Tales 2 Tolkien J R R    
The Lays of Beleriand Tolkien J R R    
Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics Tolkien J R R   Reference
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Pearl; Orfeo Tolkien J R R   Poetry
Beyond the Time Barrier Tomas Andrew    
Force 97X Torro Pel    
The Glastonbury Legends Treharne R F    
The Buccaneers of Lan-Kern Tremayne Peter    
The Domesday Story Trevor Elleston    
The City Machine Trimble Louis    
Derai [Dumarest 2] Tubb E C    
Eloise [Dumarest 12] Tubb E C    
The Jester at Scar [Dumarest 5] Tubb E C    
Jondelle [Dumarest 10] Tubb E C    
Kalin [Dumarest 4] Tubb E C    
Mayenne [Dumarest 9] Tubb E C    
The Space-Born Tubb E C    
S.T.A.R. Flight Tubb E C    
Technos [Dumarest 7] Tubb E C    
Toyman [Dumarest 3] Tubb E C    
Veruchia [Dumarest 8] Tubb E C    
The Winds of Gath [Dumarest 1] Tubb E C    
Zenya [Dumarest 11] Tubb E C    
Lallia Tubb E C    
The Lincoln Hunters Tucker Wilson    
The Time Masters Tucker Wilson    
The Year of the Quiet Sun Tucker Wilson    
Swords of the Legion Turtledove Harry    
In the Balance [Worldwar 1] Turtledove Harry    
Tilting the Balance [Worldwar 2] Turtledove Harry    
Upsetting the Balance [Worldwar 3] Turtledove Harry    
Striking the Balance [Worldwar 4] Turtledove Harry    
Shallows of Night van Lustbader Eric    
The Anarchistic Colossus van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Away and Beyond van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Battle of Forever van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Beast van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Book of Ptath van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Changeling van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Children of Tomorrow van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Destination: UNIVERSE! van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Earth’s Last Fortress van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Empire of the Atom van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Far-Out Worlds of A. E. van Vogt van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The House that Stood Still van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Man with a Thousand Names van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Mind Cage van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Mission to the Stars van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Monsters van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Moonbeast van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Mission to the Stars van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Planets for Sale van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Quest for the Future van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Rogue Ship van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Secret Galactics van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Silkie van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Slan van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Supermind van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Two Hundred Million A.D. van Vogt Alfred Eton    
Tyranopolis van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Voyage of the Space Beagle van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The War Against the Rull van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Weapon Makers van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Weapon Shops of Isher van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Wizard of Linn van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Weapon-Shops of Isher van Vogt Alfred Eton    
The Winged Man van Vogt Alfred Eton Hull, E Mayne  
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Araminta Station [Cadwal Chronicles 1] Vance Jack    
Ecce and Old Earth [Cadwal Chronicles 2] Vance Jack    
Big Planet [Big Planet 1] Vance Jack    
The Blue World Vance Jack    
City of the Chasch [Planet of Adventure 1] Vance Jack    
The Dirdir [Planet of Adventure 3] Vance Jack    
Fantasms and Magics Vance Jack   Collection
The Grey Prince Vance Jack    
The Houses of Iszm [Nopalgarth 2] Vance Jack    
The Narrow Land Vance Jack   Collection
The Dark Side of the Moon Vance Jack   Collection
Nopalgarth [Nopalgarth 3] Vance Jack    
The Pnume [Planet of Adventure 4] Vance Jack    
Servants of the Wankh [Planet of Adventure 2] Vance Jack    
Showboat World [Big Planet 2] Vance Jack    
Son of the Tree [Nopalgarth 1] Vance Jack    
The Star King Vance Jack    
To Live Forever Vance Jack    
Fantasms and Magics Vance Jack    
In the Shadow of Omizantrim Vardeman Robert E    
Pillar of Night Vardeman Robert E    
Space Odyssey Various     Anthology
Five Weeks in a Balloon Verne Jules    
From the Earth to the Moon Verne Jules    
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Verne Jules    
My First Two Thousand Years Vierick George Sylvester Eldridge, Paul  
The Outcasts of Heaven Belt Vinge Joan D    
The Peace War Vinge Vernor    
The Witchling Vinge Vernor    
The Luck of Relian Kru Volsky Paula    
Return to the Stars: Gods from Outer Space von Daniken Erich   Non-fiction
Metropolis von Harbou Thea    
Between Time and Timbuktu Vonnegut Kurt    
Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons Vonnegut Kurt    
The Prophets of Evil [QHE! 4] W. W.      
The Taming Power [QHE! 1] W. W.      
White Fire [QHE! 2] W. W.      
The Riches [QHE! 3] W. W.      
Conan: The Road of Kings Wagner Karl Edward    
Night Winds Wagner Karl Edward    
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The Purloined Prince Wallace Ian    
Heller’s Leap Wallace Ian    
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Pool of Radiance [Forgotten Realms] Ward James M Hong, Jane Cooper  
Kingdoms of Elfin Warney Silvia Townsend    
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Watson Ian    
Space Marine Watson Ian    
Alien Embassy Watson Ian    
The Martian Inca Watson Ian    
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A to Z of the Occult Weaver Graham   Non-fiction
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Time of the Twins [Dragonlance Legends 1] Weis Margaret Hickman, Tracy  
War of the Twins [Dragonlance Legends 2] Weis Margaret Hickman, Tracy  
Test of the Twins [Dragonlance Legends 3] Weis Margaret Hickman, Tracy  
Dragon Wing [Deathgate Cycle 1] Weis Margaret Hickman, Tracy  
The Lost Runes Welch Jane    
The Time Machine; The Island of Doctor Moreau; The Invisible Man; The First Men In The Moon; In The Days Of The Comet; The War Of The Worlds Wells H G   Collection
The First Men in the Moon Wells H G    
In the Days of the Comet Wells H G    
The Invisible Man Wells H G    
The Island of Dr. Moreau Wells H G    
The Island of Dr. Moreau Wells H G    
Men Like Gods Wells H G    
Star-Begotten Wells H G    
The War of the Worlds Wells H G    
The War of the Worlds Wells H G    
The First Men in the Moon Wells H G    
Kipps Wells H G    
Men Like Gods Wells H G    
Middle Earth: The World of Tolkien Illustrated Wenzel David Carter, Lin Non-fiction
Tolkien Criticism: An Annotated Checklist West Richard C   Non-fiction
Andromeda I Weston Peter   Anthology
The Prisoner in the Mask Wheatley Dennis    
The Fabulous Valley Wheatley Dennis    
The White Witch of the South Seas Wheatley Dennis    
The Devil Rides Out Wheatley Dennis    
The Dream Millennium White James    
Hospital Station White James    
Open Prison White James    
The Secret Visitors White James    
Star Surgeon White James    
Tomorrow is Too Far White James    
The Book of Merlyn White T H    
The Master White T H    
The Sword in the Stone White T H    
Sinai Tapestry Whittermore Edward    
The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde Oscar    
The Killing Thing Wilhelm Kate    
The Killing Thing Wilhelm Kate    
The Ends of the Circle Williams Paul O    
Zanthar at the Edge of Never Williams Robert Moore    
The Sky Warden and the Sun Williams Sean    
The Unknown Soldier Williams Sean Dix, Shane  
The Dragonbone Chair [Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 1] Williams Tad    
To Green Angel Tower: Siege [Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 3 Part 1] Williams Tad    
To Green Angel Tower: Storm [Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 3 Part 2] Williams Tad    
Tsuga’s Children Williams Thomas    
Facets Williams Walter Jon    
Voice of the Whirlwind Williams Walter Jon    
An Anthology of Science Fiction: Worlds Apart Williams-Ellis Amabel Owen, Mably Anthology
After World’s End/Legion of Time Williamson Jack    
The Cometeers [Legion of Space 2] Williamson Jack    
The Legion of Time Williamson Jack    
People Machines Williamson Jack   Collection
The Queen of the Legion [Legion of Space 4] Williamson Jack    
Seetee Shock Williamson Jack    
Starbridge Williamson Jack Gunn, James  
Crash Go the Chariots Wilson Clifford   Non-fiction
Secrets of our Spaceship Moon Wilson Don    
The Widow’s Son Wilson Robert Anton    
The Lost Traveller Wilson Steve    
The Men from Arcturus Winterbotham Russ    
Killerbowl Wolf Gary K    
Limbo ’90 Wolfe Bernard    
The Book of the New Sun – Vol 1. Shadow and Claw Wolfe Gene    
The Fifth Head of Cerberus Wolfe Gene    
The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories and Other Stories Wolfe Gene    
The Right Stuff Wolfe Tom    
Quake Wurlitzer Rudolph    
The Ships of Merlor Wurts Janny    
Warhost of Vastmark Wurts Janny    
The Curse of the Mistwraith Wurts Janny    
The End of the Dream Wylie Philip    
When Worlds Collide Wylie Philip Balmer, Edwin  
Chocky Wyndham John    
The Chrysalids Wyndham John    
The Day of the Triffids Wyndham John    
The Kraken Wakes Wyndham John    
The Midwich Cuckoos Wyndham John    
The Secret People Wyndham John    
The Seeds of Time Wyndham John    
Sleepers of Mars Wyndham John    
Trouble with Lichen Wyndham John    
Wanderers of Time Wyndham John    
Web Wyndham John    
The Day of the Triffids Wyndham John    
The Seeds of Time Wyndham John    
The Outward Urge Wyndham John Parkes, Lucas  
A Sense of Wonder Wyndham John Leinster, Murray and Williamson, Jack  
The Backlash Mission Zahn Timothy    
Cobra Bargain [Cobra 3] Zahn Timothy    
Cobra Strike [Cobra 2] Zahn Timothy    
Spinneret Zahn Timothy    
Triplet Zahn Timothy    
Ashes and Stars Zebrowski George    
The Omega Point Zebrowski George    
Damnation Alley Zelazny Roger    
The Dream Master Zelazny Roger    
The Guns of Avalon Zelazny Roger    
The Hand of Oberon Zelazny Roger    
Lord of Light Zelazny Roger    
Sign of the Unicorn Zelazny Roger    
This Immortal Zelazny Roger    
The Guns of Avalon Zelazny Roger    
Nebula Award Stories 3 Zelazny Roger   Anthology
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming Zelazny Roger Sheckley, Robert  
Whirlpool of Stars [Hook 1] Zetford Tully    
The Broken God Zindell David    
The Film Book of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings       Reference
Last Argument of Kings Abercrombie Joe    
The House of Spirits Allende Isabel    
A Tale of Two Cities Dickens Charles    
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Doyle Arthur Conan    
Shaman’s Crossing Hobb Robin    
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Washington Square James Henry    
The Baker’s Boy Jones J V    
A Man Betrayed Jones J V    
Master and Fool Jones J V    
Tales of Mystery and Imagination Poe Edgar Allan    
Frankenstein Shelley Mary    
The Lord of the Rings Tolkein J R R    
The Complete Works Wilde Oscar    
On Natural Selection Darwin Charles   Non-fiction
The Pleasure of Hating Hazlitt William   Non-fiction
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The Prince Machiavelli Niccolo   Non-fiction
Digital Fantasy Painting Workshop McKenna Martin   Non-fiction
Broken Angels Morgan Richard    
On Art and Life Ruskin John   Non-fiction
A Confederacy of Dunces Toole John Kennedy    
A Room of One’s Own Woolf Virginia