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What Sutekh Provides

Sutekh provides to link players and DM’s together and provide resources to support play. Source books can be borrowed by our DM’s from the library.

For those that cant play regularly we are also planning to host one-shots as part of our weekly events. Once these dates are settled the times and sign up for the one shots will be on our semesterly shedule

Unfortunatly Sutekh cannot currently provide spaces for everyone to play in, but if that is an issue please speak to our RPG Coordinator for help.

To keep play accessible to all, the Sutekh RPG groups are encouraged to follow our RPG code of conduct 


The following is a code of conduct that both players and DM’s should abide by, in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves at the table. If you are ever uncomfortable at the table contact the RPG Coordinator or one of our other Exec about it.

Be respectful to the DM and other players

Everyone else is there to have fun, and to ensure that this can happen, everyone needs to work together. This means don’t talk over other people, don’t interrupt and allow everyone to have a say.

Make sure everyone feels comfortable at the table

Respect the boundaries set by other people. If someone has declared that they don’t want a certain topic discussed because it makes them uncomfortable, than honour that.


DnD is a team game, so talk to each other. Listen to others ideas and make sure to add in your own points. Everyone has good ideas, so be sure to share them. Similarly, don’t be afraid to ask, or answer a question. It helps everyone to learn.

Don’t try and hog the spotlight

Tabletop games are about everyone having fun. Don’t be that one person who always has to make things about them. If the paladins been questing for that holy sword for the past month, don’t steal it.

Make a character that can work

Remember, it’s the DMs job to tell a story, but it’s the players job to make a character that can interact with the story and each other.

When in doubt, ask the DM

If in doubt about any of these things, or anything else to do with the game, ask your DM.

Zero tolerance for sexism, homophobia, racism etc

These things won’t be tolerated at all, and if this is breached, may result in you being asked to leave the group. We are aware that we are playing a game, and that these elements might come up in game. However, we should all be capable of separating the game from real life.