The Executive

We are proud to introduce the 2019 Sutekh Executive! We are nice come talk to us!

President: Michael Scott

Vice President – Librarian: Lachlan Blow

Hey there! I’m Lachlan, Sutekh’s sponsorship officer. I organise the library
and lend out library items for Sutekh members and the society! My hobbies
include reading, bushwalking, playing video and board games, watching
anime and other TV shows. In particular I love things with a sci fi bend and
can’t get enough of puzzle and strategy games. If you need to find me, start
arguing about time travel in the vicinity of the guy wearing purple.

Vice President – Events: Mannie

The Vice President of events helps organise and run Sutekh events.
I look forward to meeting everyone at our events!

Secretary: Tanay Sagrilokar

Hey there, i’m Tanay your secretary. Feel free to come to me with any concerns
you might have or if you just want to hang out. I look forward to
meeting you at one of our events!

Treasurer: Helen Munro

This year I’m Sutekh’s Treasurer meaning I’m mostly responsible for
keeping the society’s financial review up to date among other paper-
work and most of all chasing up other executive for receipts.
As Treasurer is quite a large role, this year you might find me sitting in
the corner treasuring away rather than being as active within events.
However I’m happy to talk if someone’s feeling uncomfortable or un-
welcome; whether that be due to something that comes under my iden-
tity roles or not.
For some more about me, my favourite TV show is currently the Good
Place, some of my favourite games are Spyro, Stardew Valley and

Editor: Kelvin Fairclough

Salutations, new friend of Sutekh, I’m the producer of the Zwei.
I also help inform members about events and channel the positive energy
of Susan Tekh (our social media persona) over Twitter and Facebook.
As a lover of pop culture and games, I’m
always ready to hear (and talk) to members about their passions. I also
have a keen interest in history and storytelling.
I love receiving Zwei submissions from new members and am super
open in terms of content, genre and medium, so if you ever wanted to
share your creative pieces, analytic thinkpieces of sith-posting memes,
send them my way!

Publicity Officer: Petra Cranshure-Player

Hi! I’m Petra, and I’m the Publicity Officer.
I enjoy all things Star Wars and play D&D at any chance I get. Feel free to come chat to me at events or to join me in a game, I’m always happy to meet new people to play games with. 🙂

Sponsorship Officer: James Baguely

Hi! I’m James, this year’s Sponsorship Officer. Media & Comms student,
currently doing my Honours year to wrap up my degree. I like books,
tabletop/board/vidya games (especially roleplaying, love roleplaying),
and a bunch of other things. My hair has three modes: freshly-cut, nor-
mal, and beyond combing. Hope to see you around ^^

New Members’ Officer: Patrick Sparke

Hi, I’m Patrick, recently returned from exile in the land beyond space-time
that is rural Australia, and I’m the new members officer for SUTEKH. This
means that if you have any qualms/queries/questions pertaining to anything
about the society, life in general, or if you just want a friendly face to
play a game with, I’m the guy to go to.

I can usually be found challenging someone to a card game of some variety,
reading one of 5 books simultaneously, or religiously watching whatever
Netflix show has taken my fancy this week. I moved to Sydney from a
small rural town, and am constantly amazed by the luxury’s of civilisation
(mostly decent internet).

IT Officer: Aaron Maynard

As Sutekh’s IT officer I’ll be like any other person during the day but at
night, when I return to my lair, I then help out with the more technical side
of Sutekh (such as with steamy Saturdays). When I’m not distracted by Uni
work I usually find time to read a good book (whenever Sanderson releases
his next epic) or get lost in some digital world. I will be around for a few of
Sutekh’s events so if you see me feel free to say hi

Queer Officer: Misty Wade

Hi there, I’m Misty, the Sutekh queer officer!
As queer officer, I’m your point of contact for any LGBTQIA+ issues you might experience within the group, and it’s my job to be the LGBTQIA+ representation within the Sutekh executives. So, if you experience any discomfort or have suggestions for me to make the society more inclusive, please don’t be afraid to shoot me a message or come and talk to me at an event! I’m also available if you just want someone to chat to or play with, or if you want to see photos of my dog. He’s a good boy.

Wom*ns’ Officer:Kathryn Chapman

Hi, I’m Kathryn, Sutekh’s Women’s Officer! I hope to be a friendly face that you can approach with any issue, big or small, or just for a chat. I enjoy playing board games, so you’ll often catch me at Friday’s event. If you ever feel uncomfortable, need support, or have a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me.

General Executive: Gabriel Arnall

Hi my name is Gabriel, or Gabe, and I am one of the general exec at
Sutekh. That means I usually help set up and run the events that Sutekh
provides. I have a broad range of interests including boardgames, card
games, anime, video games etc. Feel free to talk to me about any topic
you would like!

General Executive: Yanni Markovina (Mark-o-vee-na)

Hello there! My name is Yanni and I am one of the two General Executives
of Sutekh, which basically means I help out with any general society tasks.
I am a veracious fan of pop culture, with special interest in
and self-described ‘encyclopedic’ knowledge of film, music, video
games, and anime. All the good stuff! I’m also rather a big fan of people,
so I welcome people coming up to me and talking if they feel inclined
to do so.

General Executive: Joel Donnelly

General Executive: Matthew Vo

What’s up I’m Matthew and I’m one of the new General Execs, meaning I help the society out with all the miscellaneous stuff. You can catch me at the weekly Wednesday events where I’m most likely destroying my opponents in a board/card game 😉 my hobbies include sports and video games (Skyrim, Red Dead and Mortal Kombat) but regardless don’t be shy to hang out with me. Hope to see y’all around!!