2015 Executive

Jason Harris, President
A pretty super dude who lead the executive with an iron will.

Liam O’Callaghan, Treasurer
Degree: [REDACTED]

Jackie Tran, Secretary
Degree: Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science, Year II

Brendan O’Shea, Vice-President – Librarian
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Year IV

Welcome to SUTEKH! It’s a lovely society with fun and games and no those definitely aren’t slimy tentacles and just politely ignore the red glow-y doom eyes.

Jessica Estephan, Vice President – Events
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Year IV

Alyssa Halbe, Editor
Degree: Bachelor of Pharmacy, Year IV

I can’t think of anything now, I’ll come up with something better in due course.

Ellis Armitage, New Member Officer
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Year III


Kathryn Cooper, Women’s Officer
Degree: Liberal Arts and Sciences

I’m that one person who always chooses Rainbow Road 😛

Bernie Telalovic, Queer Officer
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Adv), Year II

Hold on, I’m pundering it.
I’ll get back to you on that one.

Andrew Lean, IT Officer
Degree: Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, Year II

I took a calculated risk,
but man am I bad at math.

Andrew Hau, Publicity Officer
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Year IV

Goddamnit Tristan, you rickrolling bastard.

Helen Munro, Sponsorship Officer
Degree: Bachelor of IT and Science, Year III

umm uh umm er insert quote that inspires people.

Helen Tong, General Exec
Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Science, Year III

Tristan Anlezark, General Exec
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Year “It’s Complicated”

I swear I’m not a troll.

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