Monday mario

Time: 3 pm – 5 pm

Mondays are our weekly console gaming meetup, with a wide variety of games and consoles

Tuesday tabletop

Time: TBA

Tuesdays are for all things TTRPG, from sessions to learn how to play, or how to run your own games and various one-shots and workshops!

Wednesday cards & carbonation

Time: 4 pm – 6 pm

Wednesdays are days for card games (and board games)! With a variety of games from Magic to Matchi Koro and drinks and meals availible!

Thursday movies & Munchies

Time: TBA

Thursdays are for watching shows and indulging in converstions about all pop culture.

Friday Pizza and games

Time: 6 pm – 10 pm

As Sutekh’s flagship event, Fridays enable everyone to play boardgames and eat pizza to their hearts content.