For all your dungeons and Dragons, Honey heist and other TTRPG needs

Tuesdays are the home of all things TTRPG related at Sutekh! 

If you would like to play in a RPG group, or want to take the step up and run a game as a game master, let us help you find a D&D group through this Form. Our Form Goblins will compare availability and preferences to help you set up your own group at a Tuesday event or beyond. For those looking to join or start a D&D group through Sutekh, we have a form in the works to match you with groups.

We host a variety of workshops to provide resources to game masters and players, and days to learn the ropes of being a player or becoming a game master if you’re ready for the next step in your tabletop journey!

We also host one shot adventures for both experienced and new players on a select few tuesday and friday events.