What is SUTEKH?

SUTEKH is University of Sydney’s own Pop Culture & Games Society. The society began as a Doctor Who fan club (named after the Egyptian god/alien from the Classic Series) but has evolved to become an inclusive and diverse society with an interest in television, film, board games, video games and all manner of geeky things.

It’s also the best society on campus (as voted by the completely impartial SUTEKH Executive).

Why join SUTEKH?

SUTEKH runs a staggering six weekly events: Monday Mario, Tuesday Tabletop, Wednesday Cards & Carbonation, Thursday Movies & MunchiesFriday Pizza & Games and Steamy Saturday. This plethora of events means you’re guaranteed to find an event to your tastes. In addition, we have an annual Video Game Marathon and semi-regular SUTEKH Attends events with discounted movie tickets. Members also receive snazzy discounts at local game and book stores through our sponsors.

Diverse interests make for a diverse community. University can be an exhausting, trying time balancing study, social life and work. SUTEKH is an inclusive and friendly community that aims to provide a social and recreational space for students outside of classes.

What do people think of SUTEKH?

“In my presence, you are an ant, a termite. Abase yourself, you grovelling insect. ”

– Sutekh the Destroyer.

“What? Really? That doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

– Mother.

“SUTEKH is a great place to meet friends with similar interests. I me- BAWK BAWKB BAWKKK.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt, Were-chicken.

“What? What are you doing? Stop writing down everything I say. Stop it! It’s disturbing.”

– Pseudonymious Enigma.


– Demon Disk