At Sutekh, we have both a general code of conduct for our events and an online code of conduct.

The complete general code of conduct follows.

In summary: Don’t be a jerk, and remember you are just as important as everyone else. If you are feeling uncomfortable then please let a relevant executive member know (such as Sylvie the Women’s Officer, Harvin the Ethnocultural Officer, or another executive at your discretion). You’re not alone, and your comfort is just as important as everyone else. Please be mindful of noise, and try not to speak over others.

  • Attendees will receive explicit consent before engaging in any physical or sexual contact. Lack of consent does not imply consent.
  • Attendees will not discriminate, shame or be biased against others for any reason, including but not limited to: race, gender identity, sexual orientation, circumstances of birth, political affiliation, religious affiliation, LGBTQ+ traits, appearance, physical or neurodivergent traits, disability, or any assumptions derived from any of the previous.
  • Attendees are expected to refer to others by preferred pronouns at their request. If an attendee makes a mistake about another’s pronouns then they should apologise and attempt to use the correct pronouns hencewith.
  • Attendees should be mindful of noise and language both in and out of events. They should be mindful that humour is not universal and jokes that they find funny may cause others discomfort or offence. Examples of jokes that may be considered offensive include but are not limited to jokes about religion, disability, or mental health. Regarding noise, attendees should be especially mindful of event wide announcements and avoid speaking over such announcements.
  • Should an attendee feel uncomfortable or feel they have made another uncomfortable then they should:
      • Approach the member who made them uncomfortable, or who they made uncomfortable, and explain the situation and request apology or apologise.


    • Approach a relevant executive member, either an Identity Officer or any executive member at the member’s discretion.

Sutekh is not affiliated with nor does it actively support or condemn any political movements. We encourage open and respectful discussion among our members and in order to facilitate it, we advise you to follow our Code of Conduct outlined above.

On the rare event that any punishment or warning will be handed down to a member or event attendee, it will be done on the executive level and may be taken higher if needed. However, in the event that the executive level must hand down any form of punishment or warning they are expected to:

  • Put aside any and all personal bias towards the case and the individuals involved in order to be fair and reasonable to all.
  • Consult Identity Officers or the President as the case requires. If someone is being or feeling discriminated against with regards to gender, sexuality, newness or other reasons, the relevant executive member will be involved.
  • Listen to the defence of the accused party in the interests of forming a fair and rational judgement.
  • Take the accused party to any higher placed executive member at their request if they feel they have been treated unfairly.

The complete code of conduct for our online (e.g. Facebook or Discord) users follows.

Sutekh is not affiliated with nor does it actively support or condemn any political movements. We encourage open and respectful discussion among our members and in order to facilitate it, we advise you to follow our online conduct policy.

Online conduct will be monitored based on a warning system. One violation of the policy will result in a warning. If the member persists violating the policy, the member will be blocked from the page for a week. If the behaviour persists again, the member will be blocked permanently. The exceptions to this rule, where automatic blocking is permitted, are outlined below.

The executive have the discretion to warn or subsequently block members who are deemed guilty of the following acts:

  • disrespectful or deliberately inflammatory comments, such as where a heated discussion is taking place
  • personal insults or comments that can reasonably be interpreted as such
  • discrimination or shaming against another member based on:
    • circumstances of their birth
    • any other aspects of their body or mind
    • aspects of their personal life which do not harm others or otherwise violate this policy
    • political or religious affiliations
    • assumptions derived from any of the above, including but not limited to sexual orientation, gender identity, race, disability, religion and political leaning

The executive will automatically block users who do the following:

  • reveal harmful personal information about a third party without their consent
  • make serious threats of harm to any person
  • post blatant pornographic material to the page

Please also note that we discourage posting links to pirated material, but as it is not within the executive’s means to completely verify the licencing status of any material shared by users, the executive is not guaranteed to take action in situations where executive members are not aware that material is pirated.

If you think you have been transgressed in any way, please contact any member of the Sutekh executive. The Identity Officers are always available to talk to if you have any issues.