Monday Mario

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Location: Media Den (Holme Meeting Room 2), Holme Building

Monday Mario is our weekly console gaming meet up. Looking for challengers to approach, karts to race, Spartans to slay or just friends to share a couch and some party games with, then be sure to come along and play a game or two! We have a Wii, Wii U and Xbox360 available, but feel free to bring along handhelds like 3DSes and Switches if your looking for people to play with.

Tuesday Tabletop

Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Sutekh’s Tuesday Tabletalk event needs adventurers (and DMs). Let us help you find a D&D group through this Form. Our Form Goblins will compare availabilities and preferences to help you set up your own group at a Tuesday event or beyond. For those looking to join or start a D&D group through Sutekh, please fill in the Form

2016 Executive

Any evil empire needs to have people pulling the strings, and SUTEKH is no exception! Meet the 2016 people who think they’re running SUTEKH!

President – Brendan O’Shea

Brendan is the President of the whole show but don’t think of him so much as a self-elected chairperson – he’s rather more of a facilitator. Do approach cautiously and with cookies. Brendan spends his free time writing his own fantasy novel and watching shows like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Evangelion. If you need to contact him, you can do so at

Vice Presidents

Andrew Hau (Events)
Andrew is the President of Vices and/or Functions (we really don’t know the difference either), and he wants to make 2016 the funnest year possible. He’s also SUTEKH’s resident pun-meister – that’s the only warning you’re ever going to get! He also reads a LOT of queer subtext and frequently writes angry fandom rants.

Mersini Karkoulas (Librarian)
Mersini, First of Her Name, Custodian of the Cage and Keeper of Books, is also our enthusiastic Librarian and knows how to Vice President the shit out of things. Approach her with questions about Carmilla and she will be your best friend. She also has a curious weakness to sunlight, and there are frequent sightings of her haunting underground library spaces.

Secretary – Helen Munro

Helen is SUTEKH’s 2016 Secretary, which means she’s in charge of correspondence and adding you to our growing list of members. She’s got an obsession with pillbugs, which is strange because we’ve never heard of pillbugs before. Helen’s also haunted by the Ghost of Luigi’s past (the fish, not green Mario), so if you’ve a spare Poltergust 5000 she’d much appreciate it!

Treasurer – Aliza Chin

Aliza is the Keeper of Coin and Credit – to put it simply, she’s the one who makes sure SUTEKH is properly financed and oversees the bankrolling of the whole society. She’s also been known to burst into song quite spontaneously, but nobody’s quite been able to put their finger on why. In her spare time she reads instructions and works on cutting down the length on her Kessel Run.

Editor – Tristan Anlezark

Tristan is the incredibly enthusiastic editor of SUTEKH’s very own Zweihander, with an incredibly deep love of all things space. He’s kinda like Benny from The Lego Movie. When he’s not editing the Zweihander, Tristan is responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of Kerbals.

IT Officer – Simon Koch

[profile removed from database by the IT Officer]

Sponsorship Officer – Anahi Castillo Angon

SUTEKH needs sponsors (like anyone, really) and Anahi’s in charge of our very own Sponsor Corps. She’s the one who grabbed us neat discounts with such places as [insert sponsors here], so go check them out! Anahi’s also quite the crochet master, and there are rumours that she’s actually a zombie.

New Member Officer – Ellis Armitage

Ellis is the New Member Officer for SUTEKH! Whether you’re trying to find people to talk to about Minecraft or just looking for a game to join, Ellis is your man. He’s also rather high (…tall. we mean tall) and is really, really great at the whole “the floor is lava” game.

Publicity Officer – Matthew Watts

Matt plays Magic the Gathering, fiddles around with his laptop and also just generally handles publicity for SUTEKH! You could say that he’s SUTEKH’s very own Matt Men.

Queer Officer – Emily Burgess

Emily is SUTEKH’s Queer Officer, and she’s here to help if you need a supportive shoulder or ear. She doubles as a rabbit tamer (look ma, no grenades!), is incredibly fond of the odd three ‘Catan’ games, and is BLOODTHIRSTY in laser tag.

Wom*n’s Officer – Sabrina Norris

Sabrina defends the Matriarchy as SUTEKH’s Wom*n’s Officer! Not much is known about Sabrina – on the one hand she may be a criminal mastermind, but we also swear she was a teenage witch in that 90’s sitcom.

General Executives

Andrew Lean

Andrew is one of SUTEKH’s general execs, and he takes that very much to heart! He once took a calculated risk, but he’s very bad at math. Andrew also has an approximate knowledge of many things.

Mazesta Mehrabi

Maz is a general exec for SUTEKH, though he much prefers the term “brigadier general”. He’s polished up his naval tactics by playing a few games of ‘World of Warships’, and knows the location to a piece of Eden.

Mumble server connection details

So you want to play games with us, but don’t know how.
Well, what will you do?
What can you do?
Well, you’ve come to the right place, here at Steamy Saturday, we’re putting the information in your hands.

Do you know what Mumble is? If so, the server connection details are:
Port: 64738
Don’t know? Well I’ll explain.
Mumble is a voice chat program that’s basically like Skype, but built more for hanging out and not wasting your internet download. It works much like a chat room, we host the room on our servers, and members with the mumble client installed can connect to the server using the details I just gave and talk to each other, Mumble allows for typed conversations too, and has a number of features that make it an excellent tool for gaming, which is why we use it for Steamy Saturday.

How to get mumble.
Step 1: Download Mumble from the Official Website.
Step 2: Run the file that downloads.
Step 3: Don’t screw up the installation – This step isn’t hard, as it’s mostly automated.
Step 4: Configure your local settings – Make sure your microphone works and set up a press to talk key.
Step 5: Open the Server browser – When mumble is running click on the menu and go Server->Connect.
Step 6: Get Connected – Click the “add new” button, and fill in the server details, for an example, see the image below.