Sutekh and Tap2Play


All Sutekh members are outfitted with the latest technology on arrival into the society! When members first join Sutekh (or another Tap2Play society) they are given a Tap2Play card which allows to them to “tap on” at events to mark their attendance, vote in polls, order food at certain events and much more.

To use your Tap2Play card:

    1. Firstly, make sure you bring your Tap2Play card to Sutekh events! This is the most important step of all! In the rare event that you forget to bring your card, manual sign on is possible if a valid access number is presented, however for the optimal experience for you and other members, bring your card!.

Secondly, find a card reader. Card readers are usually set up with a laptop although at some events exec may use phones or tablets. Sutekh currently has two card readers to look out for, a Minecraft bed and an oversize D20, but if in doubt be sure to ask and executive member to help you sign on.

Thirdly, tap on your card. Tap2play works similarly to an Opal card (except waay cooler), simply hold the card close to the sensor on the reader to tap on. Tapping lets us know that you have attended the event. Sutekh needs to find out how many members attended so that we can still get funding from the USU.

At some events, for example pizza and games, tapping on will open up options for purchases for food or drinks. Simply select your choice, pay the required amount to an attending executive member and wait for them to authorize your purchase to confirm you have paid!

Tap2Play is run by a group of University of Sydney students who currently provides this service for four USYD societies including Sutekh, Suanime, Teasoc and Pokesoc. For more information you can read about Tap2Play here. Additionally you can read the terms of useprivacy policy or report bugs you find. Tap2Play is open source as well so if you are interested in helping develop Tap2Play be sure to get in contact.